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Mayweather vs Mosley Expected to Break Pay-Per-View Record

On Saturday May 1st, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley are set to compete in a 12 round boxing match.  The match is truly a contest between the best of the best.  Ranked 2 and 3 respectively (behind Manny Pacquiao), Mayweather and Mosley are expected to draw a pay-per-view crowd that will break the 2.46 million purchases set by Mayweather Jr. and De La Hoya just a couple years back.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Shane Mosley

Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer expects to shatter the record, reaching nearly 4 million purchases.  At a cost of $54.95, that would bring in $219,800,000.  With that much money on the table, it is no surprise how the best fighters in boxing can earn over $50 million for one match.  Be sure to tune in to see Mayweather put his perfect record on the line in one of the best pound-for-pound boxing match-ups that the sport has brought together in a long time.