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Brett Favre: To Retire …Or Not Retire

Now, this blogger has always been an avid supporter of Brett Favre, but this is starting to get ridiculous. When leaving the Packers, it made sense that Favre would change his mind and want to return. It’s understandable how hard it is for athletes to walk away from the team, fans, and sport they love for a life that is full of really nothing at all. For Favre, it was time to leave the Packers after a tough season, but second thoughts said otherwise. Unfortunately, for Favre and really any Green Bay Favre supporter the wheels were already in motion bringing his replacement Aaron Rodgers and the “train had already left the station” as many upper level Packer personnel put it.

Brett Favre

Brett Favre Minnesota Vikings

So it was the New York Jets who took over as the ole’ gunslingers next stop, but it was never quite the perfect fit for Favre who wanted to not just play, but also win. Add this to his body wearing down on him by the end of the season and the New York Jets experience left Favre with only really one option and that was to retire again and hopefully find his way to a team that was a quarterback away from being a contender. A team like the Minnesota Vikings.

Favre made it clear when realizing he wasn’t going to be able to go back to Green Bay that he would like to go to the Vikings but the Packers couldn’t let a great quarterback like Favre go to a division rival so it was a trade to the Jets that made the most sense. However, now Favre was a free agent and able to do as he pleased. The Minnesota – Favre experiment was almost a complete success until they lost to eventual champions, the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game.

Now Favre is on the fence and many are saying he’s done with others saying he’s not. No one knows for sure, but as a fan of Favre here’s hoping he figures something out and sticks to it. His legacy deserves better than this.