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FITTPLAN – Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better

Having a solid workout regimen that aligns with your needs and goals is crucial. A basic gym workout, beginning the week with pectorals and ending with biceps can be great, but not necessarily what you’re looking for.

And most people don’t necessarily take the time to explore new options. I’ve found that the Internet is an excellent source of nutritional information, along with some of the best FREE workout routines, including those for cardio, strength, calisthenics, fat loss and more!

But the Internet isn’t the only venue I’ve explored upon my path; I’ve visited and re-visited routines found reputable magazines like Men’s Health – Truthfully, the information I found on the web was more beneficial.

Not all sites are legitimate however; there are handfuls that are based on one person’s experience, and aren’t meant for a larger crowd. On the contrary, offers an excellent array of information concerning various routines that are designed for all types of fitness practitioners.

You’ll find regimens for Women, Men, Teens, Seniors and more! Website designer and author Christopher Gomes is a certified NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Trainer, and active member of the HFPN (Health and Fitness Provider Network). He’s worked with a variety of clientele and has years of experience.

In the past, I’ve discovered plans like Lee Hayward’s 12-week workout program, which helped me tone up and get back into shape.  From the look of things here, Chris has an excellent guide to getting in shape. I would strongly recommend paying Chris and/or his website a visit to pursue a better workout regimen; one that suits your needs.

I frequent the gym myself nearly 6 times a week, undergoing a 50/50 of cardio and strength training, but still haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. After taking a closer look at some of Chris’ top programs, I plan on switching things up a bit.

For further information, please visit and feel free to read more on Chris Gomes.

Hard Knocks: Revis Returns

Darrell Revis returns to practice for jets

In an astonishing signing, upwards of $40 million for 4 years, Corner Back Darrelle Revis returns to the Jets. In a final episode of Hard Knocks, featured on HBO, both his manager and the entire team is pleased to hear the announcement.

After a 36–day holdout, one of the most notorious players in the league stepped onto the practice field for the first time.

Coach Rex Ryan says Revis is expected to be ready to play in the Jets’ season opener next Monday night at home against Baltimore.

Revis caught a couple passes during warm-ups Tuesday and received some mock cheers from the other defensive backs. He also worked with defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman on individual work during special teams drills.