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World Series Ready to Rock

With astonishing perseverance and resilience throughout the end of the MLB regular season and respective AL/NL divisional and championship playoff series, the Texas Rangers and the San Fransisco Giants find themselves ready to rumble in a best-of-7 game series in pursuit of a World Champion title.

Texas Rangers vs SF Giants World Series

Rangers Get Set to Battle the Giants in Game 1 of the World Series - Photo Source: ESPN

The Texas Rangers absolutely romped the New York Yankees in a punishing American League Championship series to earn an undisputed trip to the World Series.  With relentless hitting, an unbelievable number of home runs and a runs scored statistic throughout the 6 games played, the Texas Rangers left no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were better than the rest and deserving of a chance at “the ring”.  A huge offensive performance from Josh Hamilton helped the Rangers outscore the Yankees by dozens of runs.  Near perfect pitching from Cliff Lee along with consistent A-quality performances from the rest of the pitching staff minimized any Yankee offensive counter attack.  The beat down left a lot of people questioning the youth and agility of the Yankee ball club ultimately debating whether or not the team is simply getting too old to compete in a 162 game season, since the last month of Yankee baseball was abysmal at best.  Still, NY owners, managers and fans remain faithful that their team just needs a few tweaks (especially with the pitching staff which was smoked in the post-season) in order to display the Yankee type of baseball that long time fans have gotten accustomed to. Ultimately, the general consensus is that Texas came out and played phenomenal and earned the win, rather than the Yankees having played poorly and giving away the ALCS.

The Giants are sporting the underdog status in this series.  Unlikely World Series contenders, the Giants ball club finds themselves in a unique situation having been away from such a spotlight for a very long time.  Led into the series by their excellent pitching, they should be able to give the Rangers a better run for their money than the Yankees did who’s bullpen ought to have stated home during the AlCS.  They’ll be looking to maximize the damage they can inflict on the Rangers in the first couple games of the series played in front of their home audience where they’ll have the best odds of doing so.

Coverage for Game 1 starts tonight at 7pm.  Go… Ran…Gia… ?  Eh, you decide.