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Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate?

Whey Protein Isolate or Whey Protein Concentrate?

What’s the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate? Some people think concentrate is better, or that it contains more protein than isolate. This is not the case.

Whey isolate is higher in protein content, usually 90%, minimum fat and virtually no lactose. Based on the Department of Food Science & Technology, the whey protein isolate can raise the glutathione levels in the prostate, which in turns may provide improve defense against prostate cancer.

Whey protein isolate is recommended for people lactose intolerant, for preparing the body to bodybuilding competition, for those wanting to losing weight while keeping muscle mass, or for those who had the body depleted of protein by surgeries or intense medical treatments like radiology or chemotherapy.

There is nothing wrong whether a whey product uses protein isolate or concentrate. The issue comes when the true content of protein is not disclosed.

The whey protein concentrate is obtained from whey in more than one concentration. Depending on the stage the protein is extracted, the concentration of protein can be 34%, 50% or 80%. Let’s look further at some products.

Some whey protein products advertise “protein blends”. A closer look at the label reveals the true concentration of protein is not disclosed. Often the blend contains 40% of protein or even less.

Where can you find the pure whey protein product you can trust? Ambio Life does not add fillers or use “protein blends” but the pure whey protein as it is obtained by micro-filtration.

Youth In Fitness Canada

Obesity in children can be linked to a majority of influences, including heredity and excessive sweets. Most would even agree that a significant advancement in technology has lead Canada’s youth into a unhealthy slump.

In order to address some of these problems, certain states have even gone to the extreme, incorporating taxes on soda and beverages filled with sugar. Others are playing their role my simply advocating that children become more active. At You in Fitness (, they stress the importance of maintaining regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, specifically for today’s youth.

While filtering through the site I noticed a few great things, including programs that will allow your children to stay in shape, or rebuild. As mentioned and qoted on their home page, “We are not brains in a jar” (Dr. Kwame Brown) – The quote refers directly to the notion that as human beings, we are preprogrammed to pursue play and fun. In other words, school and work aren’t enough to keep the body active and healthy. Extracurricular activities, whether exercise related or not, definitely improve any sort of lifestyle.

In light of the current crisis, the geniuses behind Youth In Fitness have developed a strict system for keeping your kids healthy. You can find out more regarding payment and structure at Similarly, feel free to purchase reading material at

With facts like “Obesity has tripled in Canada since 1981,” it’s hard to ignore these issues. Be sure to take preventative action for your children and follow up with You in Fitness of Canada.