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Is Kobe Bryant Next to Head Overseas?

Will Kobe Bryant be in a different jersey next season?

For the first time since the NBA lockout began on July 1st the owners and the players will sit down and meet on Monday August 1st in their first day of negotiations. However, their not the only ones that have set plans for negotiating in the next upcoming days, 15 year veteran Los Angles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant does as well.

Bryant who’s a big soccer fan will be in the nation’s capital attending the World Football Challenge featuring Manchester United and F.C. Barcelona at FedEx Field on Saturday and the Mia Hamm-Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity Soccer Challenge on Sunday at Kastles Stadium

Though he has one more event planned. Bryant will also be meeting with officials from the Turkish basketball club Besiktas on Saturday. The Besiktas whom former NBA Superstar Allen Iverson played for last season are already reaching out for more NBA players this season. The Besiktas who signed New Jersey Nets guard Deron Williams earlier this month aren’t stopping there with him as Bryant is next on their list.

While getting the players to come visit and possibly play isn’t problem money for these overseas teams usually are. “Money will not be a problem,” Yalcin said, according to Reuters. Yalcin later mentioned the Turkish Airlines and two oil companies as potential sponsors for Bryant’s contract, which is expected to exceed $500,000 a month. However, Bryant’s representatives have been saying $1 million a month.

Though this weekend when the Besiktas and Bryant and his representatives sit down to talk about the deal and the benefits, money may not be a concern. The concern may be absolutely nothing. The Besiktas said it before that money won’t be a problem and it’s very believable because who wouldn’t want to sponsor the most popular player in the world?

So NBA fans, Lakers fans, and Kobe Bryant fans, sit back and relax because after this weekend Mr. Kobe Bryant might be taking his talents overseas to join forces with Deron Williams. “We know that Besiktas is very much interested [in Bryant] and they’ve been in touch with our company as well, but we haven’t started any kind of negotiations or anything like that yet,” Fatma Yuceler, a spokeswoman for Turkish Airlines, told on Wednesday.