Kendrick Perkins Arrested: Should Athletes Be Held to A Higher Standard?

Kendrick Perkins was arrested after an altercation early Saturday Morning.

Not only is the NBA in a lockout right now but on Friday Night heading into late Saturday morning, Kendrick Perkins was in a lockout of his own. Perkins was arrested and taken to Jefferson County jail for altercation early Saturday morning outside a bar in South Texas.

A statement from police in Beaumont, Texas, said officers saw a large crowd outside The Ticket night club just after 2 a.m., and received complaints of fights and pepper spray inside. One of the officers saw Perkins surrounded by about 50 people who were forcing Perkins outside the back door of the club. Officials said Perkins who was intoxicated was trying to fight the club’s manager.

Perkins who was arrested and taken to the Jefferson County jail and was released after posting $150 bond. As far as the misdemeanor charges go they’ll just be punishable fines. Perkins agent Thad Foucher declined to comment about his client’s arrest.

Perkins was in the city hosting a camp that raises money for his foundation, which aims to help children learn life skills and drug awareness. Obviously Perkins wasn’t doing what he was teaching as the incident on Saturday night will definitely raise a hand.

Perkins who was traded this season to the Oklahoma City Thunder with Nate Robinson in exchange for Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic averaged 6 points, 8 rebounds, and 1 block in his very limited season this year.

This incident is just another setback in Perkins career however, being the real first altercation that has been known about Perkins this one club incident can slide. Though Perkins who will now be closely watched by the media like other athletes who have been arrested he’ll probably just go to a charity event and then everything will be “washed away” from there.

But is that alright? Is it really ok to just brush something like this over? Now yes people get arrested everyday for all different kinds of things and some make the media coverage and some don’t. Now obviously Perkins makes the news because of his name, but is it fair to him? Should he be held to a higher standard due to being an NBA player? The answer is yes, it comes with the job.

Not only should he be focused on basketball but behaving off the court is another duty as well. Now it may or may not be written in the contract however he’s still held to it. Sports athletes are held so high in our society today that people will know every single player on their local sports teams’ roster but they can only name a few representatives in their town’s or states government.

So these athletes’ even though just normal human beings have to behave and act in a role modeled manner at all times because someone’s always watching them. Though, people make mistakes because no one is perfect.


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