It’s Tebow Time: John Fox Says Tebow’s His Guy

It's Tebow time.

Since the season began the only thing that the Denver Broncos fans wanted besides a win was Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback and in week five after a 1-3 start their wish would come true.

Trailing 23-10 in the third quarter with less than nine minutes to go the Tebow chants would start, just like the fans did every week. However this time would be different as their chants would be answered as number 15 took the field. Following a sea of cheers the Broncos with Tebow under center would go three and out.

Then on their next drive, three and out again.

The move from Kyle Orton to Tebow started to appear like maybe it wasn’t a good one. That was until 6:35 in the fourth quarter when Tebow ran it for a 12 yard touchdown, 26-18 Chargers lead (After a two point conversion by Willis McGahee).  Then on their next drive they would score again on a 28 yard pass to Knowshon Moreno, 26-24, Chargers lead.

The Denver Broncos looked like a new team. Though the Tebow switch wasn’t enough to prevent the Chargers from getting the win as a 35 yard field goal with 24 seconds left would seal the game for the Chargers as they would win 29 to 24.

Then three days later after the loss, Broncos head coach John Fox would make it official as he named Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. “Well, I think 1-4 has a lot to do with it,” Fox told ESPN. “We haven’t gotten it done as a football team. It’s not one guy. It’s not all Kyle Orton’s fault. But we do have to make adjustments, we have to change and we have to do something to win football games.”

The Broncos will travel to Miami this weekend to face the 0-6 Dolphins in a must win for both teams and Tebow will now be in full control to try to turn this season around for the Broncos.

Now besides the Broncos fans some people have had mixed feelings about Fox’s decision as they feel that the 1-4 start wasn’t all Orton’s fault and I don’t blame them. However like Fox said they had to make adjustments and adjusting to Tebow was the right choice and here’s why. Not only do the fans approve which will bring in more revenue but Tebow almost made a comeback last week against the Chargers with just a half of playing time. Also too, Tebow brings something to the table that Orton doesn’t and that extending the play. Tebow’s speed and quickness, something that Orton lacks helps in a lot of ways.

For instance when the play breaks down, Tebow can run it. When the blocking fails, Tebow can run the ball or run away from the defenders and complete the pass. Lastly he improves their red zone offense by adding the threat of him running the ball in.

The move to Tebow was the right move and a move that had to be done. At 1-4 and in dead last in the AFC West Tebow brings hope to a season that appeared to be lost. It’s Tebow time boys and girls, it’s Tebow time.

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