Ask The Coach: Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim All-Access

Sitting down with Jim Boeheim.

Mike Ortiz: What are your thoughts for this upcoming season?

Jim Boeheim: Well I think the biggest thing is that we have so many veteran guys and good young guys so we have to try to fit these guys together. You know get them to understand what their roles are going to be and the fact that we have so many good players we’re going to have to figure out how to utilize everybody.

Ortiz: What’s your take on the move to the ACC?

Boeheim: Well you know we’re in the Big East, that’s all we’re thinking about. The ACC can’t wait until after the season and then we can talk about it.

Ortiz: What do you think of the incoming freshman?

Boeheim: I think we have three talented young kids and we have to think about how they’ll fit in.

Ortiz: How do you replace center Rick Jackson?

Boeheim: You know Ricky was so good defensively and rebounding wise that are big guys are going to have to step up…they’re really going to have to step up and take care of the middle area defensively and rebounding wise. Especially, when they get their opportunities to score, their going to have to convert. Ricky was a huge player, huge plus for us last year, had a tremendous year, and are big guys are going to have to step up this year.

Ortiz: What do you think you’re going to have to do to win a National Championship?

Boeheim: Well I think to win anything…you have to be a complete team, are defensive has got to be good, we have to continue to work on our defensive, get better defensively, offensively I think we have the ability to be a very very good offensive basketball team and you have to work on those things. We know we’re going to be a good team, whether we’re going to be a great team, you never know that until you get well into the season.

Ortiz: Now you have achieved a lot of milestones throughout your career, so when you think of 1,000 wins, do you think it’s possible?

Boeheim: You know I haven’t thought about numbers in a long time. I think about this year and having a successful season this year and I don’t think beyond that and I don’t think past, I just think about this season.

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