A New Concern For College Basketball

West Virginia College Basketball Coach Bobby Huggins, not that happy with a call.

In sports crazy things happen almost everyday however, wrong calls are beginning to happen just as much. Like any problem the leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc. have been taking care of it…well sort of.

On Saturday, Syracuse hosted the West Virginia Mountaineers in a game right down to the buzzer. However in those remaining seconds became a problem; not that the game was close, but that possibly a wrong call was made.

With 14 seconds remaining, guard Darryl Bryant missed a three pointer, however forward Deniz Kilicli would come up with the offensive rebound and with six seconds remaining Kilicli who then attempted the put back layup, would be blocked. Syracuse Orange center, Baye Moussa Keita would come up with the game saving block.

Though after watching the replay, Keita’s block appeared to be a goaltend. Then after watching it over a couple more times, it became clear that Keita’s block was a goaltend. However as a result to the NCAA not having a replay system in tack for College Basketball, the officials weren’t aware of it and as a result the Orange would go onto win 63-61.

As for West Virginia’s head coach Bobby Huggins on the block, “You saw it. What’d you think?” Huggins said to the media following the game. “I just saw it. I just went in and watched it. There’s not any doubt.”

Huggins would add if he thought that the block was a goaltend or not…

“No. I know it was,” he said. “I just saw the replay.”

As you all know the NFL is famous with their replay system as teams can challenge two calls and if both challenges are correct in the coaches favor, then they are rewarded another challenge. The replay system is also enforced after every touchdown and then used by the determination of the referee in the booth under two minutes.

As for the NBA, it’s up to the officials, as for the MLB, it’s there but in rarely used, as for the NHL, there’s none. So looking at all of these calls that are blatantly wrong after watching replay for instances, Louisiana Lafayette who defeated Western Kentucky 72-70 with six men on the court for the game winning possession, should there be replay in tacked?

The answer is yes. Now I understand that they don’t want to take time away from the game or ruin the nature of it, or whatever the excuse may be. But changing the outcome of the game by the mistake of an official should be their number one concern.

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