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NBA Player Called For Technical Foul For Tying His Shoe

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash called for technical foul.

With 5:31 left in the first quarter of the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs game Wednesday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Spurs guard Gary Neal was called for a technical foul for tying his shoe. Yes that’s right, tying his shoe was the reason for the technical foul.

Now anyone who’s played basketball before or even any sport know that things like this, for instance tying your shoe during a game can happen no matter what the situation is.

For example at the time Toronto Raptors point guard Jarrett Jack sat at half court holding the ball in one hand while tying his shoe as the remaining seconds in the third quarter came to an end. As for the Chicago Bulls defense, the team that Jack was playing against coincidentally just stood there and respected it as they didn’t go for the steal or anything as seen in the video here below.

However, back to tonight’s game. After being called for the technical foul for tying his shoe, Bulls guard Richard Hamilton would shoot the technical free throw and as a result he would miss. And after he missed, ESPN broadcaster and former coach Jeff Van Gundy said “The basketball gods must have made him miss that one” hinting the old phrase “ball doesn’t lie.”

Though regardless if Hamilton missed the free throw because of the basketball gods, the ball not lying, or just simply because he missed it, the fact of the matter is that he should never have had the opportunity to shoot that technical free throw. Reason being is that tying your shoe shouldn’t be a technical foul and it’s not really implied under any of the technical foul infractions.

According to the NBA’s rule book which is posted on the league’s website,, Section II- Delay of Game, which was the section of the technical foul that was called doesn’t have anything about shoe tying or anything near it listed under there infractions as they are listed below:

(1) Preventing the ball from being promptly put into play.
(2) Interfering with the ball after a successful field goal.
(3) Failing to immediately pass the ball to the nearest official when a per-sonal foul or violation is assessed.
(4) Touching the ball before the throw-in has been released.
(5) A defender crossing the boundary line prior to the ball being released on a throw-in.
(6) A team preventing play from commencing at any time.
(7) Any player, coach or trainer interfering with a ball which has crossed the boundary line (Rule 8–Section II–f).

Though giving the officials the benefit of the doubt lets just say that tying your shoe during a game falls under one of these infractions. Saying that, the technical foul still shouldn’t had been called as the first penalty for breaking one of these infractions is, a warning.

“The first offense is a warning. A technical foul shall be assessed with each successive offense and charged to the team. An announcement will be made by the public address announcer. The 24-second clock shall remain the same or reset to 14, whichever is greater, if the violation is assessed against the defensive team. The offensive team shall be awarded a new 8 seconds to advance the ball if it is in the backcourt. If repeated acts become a travesty, the head coach shall be noti-fied that he is being held responsible,” reads the penalty section from

So all in all of course we can’t go back and change the call as it’s already been made and the game is over, however what we can do is address the problem now and make sure that in the future it won’t happen again.

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NBA All-Star Weekend 2011-12 In Review

NBA All-Star Weekend 2011-12.

Following up a packed Friday night that started off the NBA All-Star weekend with the Celebrity Game where comedian Kevin Hart showed that size didn’t matter and that despite being rejected that he could still win the M.V.P. Following the Celebrity Game, the Rookies took on the Sophomores where rookie Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving showed the NBA that despite being the rook that he still could put on a show as he scored 34 points and was perfect from three hitting all of his eight three pointers.

Rating: A+

Following a high bar that was set by the Friday night events the Saturday events needed a lot of help. Starting off with the D-League All-Star game fans saw former NBA player and now D-League player Gerald Green score 28 points and lead the West to a 135-132 victory. He would also win the M.V.P.

Next up was the Haier Shooting Stars where former New York Knick Alan Houston showed that he was no where near washed up as he not only knocked down his jump shots, but the final half court shot they gave the Knicks the win.

Following up Houston’s impressive shooting performance San Antonio Spurs point guard would win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge with a time of 29.2 seconds. After the Skills Challenge players would take the court to prove who had the best three point shot in the NBA. Loaded with some of the NBA’s best shooters, Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward Kevin Love would get 17 points to win in a final showdown against Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant.

Last but certainly very least impressive of all the Slam Dunk Contest’s of all time was the 2011-12 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. Competing for the crown as the NBA’s top dunker was Houston Rockets’ guard Chase Budinger, Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward and favorite, Derrick Williams, Indiana Pacers’ guard Paul George, and the replacement, Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans all took the floor.

Looking like a mixture of dunks that we all saw before Jeremy Evans surprised the world as he not only dunked over a motorcycle but dunked over teammate Gordon Hayward with two basketballs. We saw Williams choke on dunk he attempted several times and saw George whoop out a glow and the dark jersey but nothing was able to top the mediocre performance of Jeremy Evans as he was crowned the champion.

Rating: C+

Then to close up All-Star weekend was the annual NBA All-Star game where the NBA’s best players competed against each other on their given Eastern Conference and Western Conference teams.

It was a game that the Western Conference led for the majority of the game as they set an All-Star record scoring 88 points in the first half. Then in the second half things would get better as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant would set the new All-Star record for most points totaled ever throughout their career with 271 points. Though despite the record breaking performance teammate Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City would win the games M.V.P. with 36 points as the Western Conference would win 152-149.

Rating: A+

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Drama In Pittsburgh? Will It Ruin The Pittsburgh Steelers Organization?

Ben Roethlisberger and former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians.

After being fired on December 12, 2011 after leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a 5-8 record, head coach Todd Haley would later be signed as the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator earlier this month. However there have been reports that superstar Quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger didn’t like the addition.

Though that wasn’t the problem as two weeks after being hired as the offensive coordinator, Todd Haley former coach of the Kansas City Chiefs has yet to call or respond to Roethlisberger’s comments with a phone call.

“He still hasn’t called yet,” Roethlisberger told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Monday. According to the Tribune-Review, Roethlisberger had a “discouraged” tone to his voice.

Roethlisberger acknowledged last week that he wanted to talk with Haley saying, “I’ve heard a lot of things and I’m looking forward to meeting him and forming my own opinion.”

So is it a bad thing that Haley and Roethlisberger haven’t spoke with each other yet? No, it’s not, however it is bad in the fact that Roethlisberger has wanted to speak with him.

Now if Roethlisberger didn’t address that he wanted to speak with Haley then things would’ve been fine as it’s on February and the season doesn’t start until September. However, that’s not how things went as Roethlisberger made it clear that he wished to speak with Haley.

Though we can’t put all the blame on Haley as it’s a two way street as if Roethlisberger really wanted to speak to Haley as bad as he’s making it seem to the media, then I’m sure he easily could. And if there was a problem such as Roethlisberger not having his phone number or something along those lines, then it could easily be fixed with a simple phone call to management or someone along those lines.

So in a world that we live in where everyone loves to point the finger at the person that at the time seems the “most wrong” is in fact wrong for doing so as like there is in everything, there are two sides to each story.

“Transition is always a little — I wouldn’t even say difficult — but there’s an uncomfortable aspect to newness,” Haley said at his press conference earlier this month. “But that’s not always a bad thing. I think it’ll be a great thing in this case, and he’s going to figure out that we’re just trying to make him as good as he can possibly can be.”

“Not many players that I’ve known have ever had an issue with that.”

So no worries Steelers’ fans, there’s no problems here as of now all it really is just a situation like a kid [Ben Roethlisberger] who had to experience that his parents were getting a divorce and that his dad [Bruce Arians] was moving out and now a couple months later his mother [The Steelers Organization] is getting a new boyfriend/step dad [Todd Haley].

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LeBron James Decision Part Two?

LeBron James to Cleveland?

Remember when LeBron James made his decision to go to Miami, broadcasted live nationally on ESPN on that July summer night? In just 16 words, James would ruin something that he had built up for almost his whole life and that was his legacy in the eyes of the Cleveland fans.

“In this fall I’m going to take my talents to south beach and join the Miami Heat,” James said during is ESPN Decision.

The hate of LeBron would become even worse after they hosted a type of pep rally honoring the new “big three” of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and himself in the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena.

While hosting it, LeBron would guarantee Heat fans not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven but multiple championships. However in their first season together LeBron would stay true to his word…well some of it, as they wouldn’t win “not one” Championship as they would lose to the Dallas Mavericks 4-2 giving the LeBron “haters” exactly what they wanted; failure.

The LeBron drama would continue as right after the game six NBA Finals loss to the Mavericks, James would respond to a question from the press, who asked him “Does it bother you that so many people are happy to see you fail?”

James would reply saying “Absolutely Not, cause at the end of the day, all the people who are rooting for me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today, they got the same personal problems they had, today. You know, and I’m gonna continue to live the way I want to live, and continue to do the things I wannna do with me and my family …they gotta get back to the real world at some point.”

James’ post game comments would headline atop the sports world and the man once proclaimed as the “King” was now appearing to most as the “villain.”

Fast forwarding to the 2011-12 NBA season James’ would sit down with ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols where he told her that his days of being the “villain” were over.

“I got to this point by playing this game a certain way, (I’m) getting back to loving the game and having fun with the game,” James told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols.

“I play the game fun, joyful, and I let my game do all of the talking and I got away from that. That’s what I lost last year. Going through my first seven years in the NBA I was always the “liked one” and to be on the other side — they call it the dark side or the villain or whatever they call it — it was definitely challenging for myself. It was a situation I had never been in before, and it took awhile … it took a long time to adjust to it,” said James.

James’ would stay true to his word as he continued his annual trips to his hometown of Akron, Ohio where he would visit the University of Akron to play flag football and other sorts of things.

So much hate was shown when LeBron returned to Cleveland, but could that hate that turned from love to hate, turn back to love?

Building his popularity back up, the hometown kid who once was the star and then overnight became the most hated player of the Cleveland community, has flipped the script again as he told reporters after practice that a return to Cleveland is something that he won’t rule out.

“I think it would be great, it would be fun to play in front of these fans again,” James said after practice Thursday at Quicken Loans Arena.

“I had a lot of fun times here. You can’t predict the future. Hopefully you continue to stay healthy. I’m here as a Miami player and I’m happy where I am now but I don’t rule that out in any sense. If I decide to come back, hopefully the fans will accept me.”

Decision part two?

“I don’t hold grudges, I hold them a little bit but I don’t hold them that long,” James said. “He [Dan Gilbert] said what he said out of anger. He [Gilbert] probably would want to take that back, but I made a mistake, too. There’s some things I’d want to take back as well. You learn from your mistakes and move on.”

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Is The Super Bowl A Must Watch?

Why watch the Super Bowl?

At 6:29 Eastern Time the world will stop as nearly everyone will all tune into, if they haven’t already, to Super Bowl XLVI on NBC.

They’ll tune into watch the rematch of 2008.

They’ll tune into watch the rematch of week 9.

Most importantly, they’ll tune into watch the match up of the 2011-12 NFL season, the NFL Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots.

But why will they tune into that? Instead of Undercover Boss at 7, ABC World News with David Muir at 6:30, or America’s Funniest Home Videos right after, so you ask?

Because it’s the SUPER BOWL! The game of all games, the broadcast of all broadcasts, and even the best commercials of all commercials.

So let me answer your question with a question, why wouldn’t you tune into Super Bowl XLVI?

Heck, even the United States Government wouldn’t dare to interrupt it even with a National message that told us that all our lives were soon to be in danger.

The point I’m trying to get at here, is the Super Bowl is the game that your mom let’s you stay up late on a school night to watch. It’s the game that you miss your routine Sunday season episode for. It’s the game that Motel 6 won’t leave the light on for you.

It’s the Super Bowl.

So get the old clicker out and DVR the shows that you’re going to miss as even the commercials will keep you entertained.

Though, you don’t have to watch the Super Bowl. Except come Monday morning when you head to school, work, the grocery store, or where ever it may be, you will be that guy…or girl.

That guy or girl, that watched the news instead, went to bed early, watched the season premiere of Napoleon Dynamite.

So, let me ask you, do you want to be that guy…or girl?

No you don’t. So come 6:29 grab the remote, get of the lazy boy to turn the channel, fix the bunny ears, do whatever it takes to tune into Super Bowl XLVI, because trust me, you won’t regret it.

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What Would You Do For $20,000 In Just 45 Minutes

Osi Umenyiora answering questions at NFL media day.

New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora will be fined $20,000 for not attending a mandatory media day Wednesday. Umenyiora was fined not to long after he didn’t show up for his 45 minute mandatory news interview session at the teams’ hotel Wednesday morning. Due to not having a medical excuse like New England Patriots offensive tackle Matt Light had for Tuesday, Umenyiora was fined.

“I misunderstood the schedule,” Umenyiora said in a statement released by the team. “It won’t happen again, and I will be at tomorrow’s media session and available after the game. I apologize for any inconvenience my absence this morning may have caused.”

Now Umenyiora was at the media day the day before where he talked about his opponent Matt Light and how he doesn’t hate him as he said, “Matt Light is obviously a good football player,” Umenyiora said. “We don’t play each other enough for true hatred to develop. This is maybe my second or third time playing against Matt Light. There is no hatred there. Some of the things he has done, I wish he wouldn’t have, but we’re both professionals and he seems to be a good guy.”

So what’s wrong with that? He showed up on Tuesday and said what he had to say and answered what he had to answer, I mean let’s be honest what more could you obviously talk about him with him today? What’s his favorite color? What does he like to do in his free time? Is he dating anyone? Like seriously, what could the media have asked him?

They already covered the Super Bowl questions, the rematch questions, the Matt Light questions, and on and on and on. Now for tomorrow’s media day, they actually could have some things to ask, like why weren’t you at media day? Your response to Light’s comments and maybe what he had to eat yesterday? But fining the guy $20,000 for not showing up for 45 minutes to listen to repeated questions over and over again? Heck I would probably skip it too.

So Osi, as bad or as boring as it may be just go to the 45 minute session tomorrow and answer to the questions that are asked, or if you’re going to skip at least tell them your sick…cough cough.

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