NBA All-Star Weekend 2011-12 In Review

NBA All-Star Weekend 2011-12.

Following up a packed Friday night that started off the NBA All-Star weekend with the Celebrity Game where comedian Kevin Hart showed that size didn’t matter and that despite being rejected that he could still win the M.V.P. Following the Celebrity Game, the Rookies took on the Sophomores where rookie Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving showed the NBA that despite being the rook that he still could put on a show as he scored 34 points and was perfect from three hitting all of his eight three pointers.

Rating: A+

Following a high bar that was set by the Friday night events the Saturday events needed a lot of help. Starting off with the D-League All-Star game fans saw former NBA player and now D-League player Gerald Green score 28 points and lead the West to a 135-132 victory. He would also win the M.V.P.

Next up was the Haier Shooting Stars where former New York Knick Alan Houston showed that he was no where near washed up as he not only knocked down his jump shots, but the final half court shot they gave the Knicks the win.

Following up Houston’s impressive shooting performance San Antonio Spurs point guard would win the Taco Bell Skills Challenge with a time of 29.2 seconds. After the Skills Challenge players would take the court to prove who had the best three point shot in the NBA. Loaded with some of the NBA’s best shooters, Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward Kevin Love would get 17 points to win in a final showdown against Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant.

Last but certainly very least impressive of all the Slam Dunk Contest’s of all time was the 2011-12 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. Competing for the crown as the NBA’s top dunker was Houston Rockets’ guard Chase Budinger, Minnesota Timberwolves’ forward and favorite, Derrick Williams, Indiana Pacers’ guard Paul George, and the replacement, Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans all took the floor.

Looking like a mixture of dunks that we all saw before Jeremy Evans surprised the world as he not only dunked over a motorcycle but dunked over teammate Gordon Hayward with two basketballs. We saw Williams choke on dunk he attempted several times and saw George whoop out a glow and the dark jersey but nothing was able to top the mediocre performance of Jeremy Evans as he was crowned the champion.

Rating: C+

Then to close up All-Star weekend was the annual NBA All-Star game where the NBA’s best players competed against each other on their given Eastern Conference and Western Conference teams.

It was a game that the Western Conference led for the majority of the game as they set an All-Star record scoring 88 points in the first half. Then in the second half things would get better as Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant would set the new All-Star record for most points totaled ever throughout their career with 271 points. Though despite the record breaking performance teammate Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City would win the games M.V.P. with 36 points as the Western Conference would win 152-149.

Rating: A+

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