Jacob Pullen Tweets About Bruce Weber’s Hiring: See What He Thinks

Jacob Pullen doesn't approve of the the Bruce Weber hiring.

Its official Bruce Weber is now the new head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats.

Weber, who coached at Illinois for nine seasons, brought the fighting Illini

to six NCAA tournaments, one NIT, and one Big Ten Championship. However, after going 17-15 this past season Weber, despite having an overall record of 210-101 since taking over for the Illini, was fired.

As for the details of the contract they have yet to have been released.

Kansas State has scheduled a press conference where they will comment about the hiring of Weber at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

However, the commenting has already begun as former player, guard, Jacob Pullen who graduated in 2011 from Kansas State had a lot to say about the hiring of Weber.

“I support kstate for life no matter what but I’m not a Bruce Webber fan and I think Kstate can do a lot better,” said Pullen on his twitter account. “Bruce Webber didn’t think I was good enough to play at Illinois and I don’t think he is good enough to coach at Kansas State.”

Pullen would go onto conclude.

“This is just my thoughts like I said I will support my school regardless and losing a staff as good as we had is tough to replace,” said Pullen.

Then after the replies and responses started to come out, Pullen said this.

“Now people in my mentions smh I’m not being disrespectful I’m not in college and I can say what’s on my mind that’s just how I feel,” said Pullen. “Lmao now people say I’m jealous he passed on me lol no I’m happy I went to kstate and wouldn’t change that for the world. And please don’t speak on his national championship run that he made with bill self players and the best backcourt in the big ten three pros.”

The team that Pullen was referring to was the Illinois team from 2004-05 as for the three professional players that he was referring to, were actually really five professional players that played on that team.

As for the players that went to the NBA were, Guard, Luther Head (Currently with the Sacramento Kings), guard, Dee Brown (2008-09, Washington Wizards), guard, Deron Williams (Currently with the New Jersey Nets, Roger Powell (2006-07, Utah Jazz), and forward, James Augustine (2006-08, Orlando Magic).

Pullen averaged 20.2 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 3.7 assists a game in his final season at Kansas State. As last known he currently plays professionally overseas.

After a couple more responses came in, Pullen posted on his twitter account, “Smh now I’m the bad guy again lol,” said Pullen.

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