Sitting Down With University of Buffalo’s, Javon McCrea

Sitting down with big man, Javon McCrea.

Mike Ortiz Jr.: When did you begin playing basketball?
Javon McCrea: I started playing basketball when I was 6 years old. Me and my uncle use to go out and play on the Fisher Price Hoops every day.

Ortiz Jr.: What was your best moment during high school?
McCrea: My best moment in High School had to be making it to the state championship finals. It was something me and my friends/teammates talked about doing our whole basketball careers.

Ortiz Jr.: How does it feel to be your High School’s most leading scorer of all time? Also when did you break that record?
McCrea: I broke the record my senior year. I believe mid way through. It felt good to accomplish something so big. My name will never be forgotten in Newark Basketball. It feels good to say that.

Ortiz Jr.: Take me through the game where you set the section V record for most blocks in a game?
McCrea: The previous two years we lost in the sectionals round. So I was determined to change that. I knew they would double team me a lot so my teammates would have to help me out. I wanted to focus on the defensive end of the floor rather than the offensive end. So I result I ended up with 18 blocks I believe.

Ortiz Jr.: Out of all your awards, honors, and accomplishments, which one stands out the most to you?
McCrea: The regional championship trophy my teammates and I received. We all just worked hard to get that.

Ortiz Jr.: Why did you choose the University of Buffalo to play basketball at?
McCrea: I enjoy my coach. And I knew they would push me. I also wanted to start a legacy. I was aware that Buffalo hasn’t done a few things other schools have.

Ortiz Jr.: What other schools were looking at you?
McCrea: Umass, Canisuis, Niagara and, Boston University.

Ortiz Jr.: Take me through your freshman year of College, how did it feel to not only be named Freshman Conference player of the year?
McCrea: It was a great honor to be named that. The conferences freshmen were really good last year. I just stayed determined.

Ortiz Jr.: Now you have yet to make it to an NCAA Tournament yet so I want to ask you when do you think that will be?
McCrea: Next Year we will be in the NCAA tournament.

Ortiz Jr.: Also many have said over the past couple of years and especially now that the lower conferences, like the Mid American Conference, should get more NCAA bids, do you agree?
McCrea: I definitely agree. The Mid American Conference is very under-rated. There are some really good schools in this conference.

Ortiz Jr.: So far, who’s been your toughest match-up as far a player that you’ve had to matchup with?
McCrea: I don’t really have a particular player I have struggled with. It’s been difficult this year to really name someone due to the double and triple teams they throw at me.

Ortiz Jr.: Do you plan on remaining at Buffalo for the rest of your college career? Or do you plan on transferring?
McCrea: I don’t Plan on transferring away from UB. We at least have to win a championship first.

Ortiz Jr.: What’s your main goal to get out of College?
McCrea: I definitely plan on getting my degree. Graduating is big in my family. I want to make my mother proud.

Ortiz Jr.: What are your plans after College, are they the NBA? If so what do you need to do to improve to be able to play in the NBA, or do you feel that you could right now?
McCrea: I see myself playing in the NBA. Anything under the NBA will be a disappointment for me. I need to improve ever aspect in my game before I think about it. There’s always room for improvement.

Ortiz Jr.: How did it feel to play on the Under 19 USA team? Do you think playing overseas helped you improve as a player?
McCrea: The USA basketball helped me out a lot. But it also help me realize that you can play against anyone. Just because the Media says the players are better than you doesn’t mean they actually are. If you believe the media then you are hurting yourself.

Ortiz Jr.: Now despite being a sophomore you’ve already made a great name for yourself at such a young age, but do you read the draft profiles and the rankings and the articles that are said about you? If so what’s the one that sticks out?
McCrea: I haven’t seen any of the draft articles yet but that stuff does attract my family members. They really enjoy to see things like that.

Ortiz Jr.: Also have any of those articles, negative or positive, motivated you?
McCrea: I’m not the person to get motivated off articles. My motivation is playing in the NBA. It motivates me everyday. Basketball has been great to me so far but im just getting started.

Ortiz Jr.: Last question, what’s the best advice that someone has told you?
McCrea: My mom told me never to quit. If you quit then you don’t have a chance. Nothing is impossible. And I have always remembered that.

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