Sitting Down With NFL Draft Prospect Chandler Jones

Where do you think Chandler Jones will get selected at?

Mike Ortiz Jr.: Why did you choose Syracuse University?
Chandler Jones: The reason I chose SU was because my brother went to school there and I followed him

Ortiz Jr.: What was your favorite moment at Syracuse?
Jones: My favorite moment at Syracuse was winning the pinstripe bowl at the Yankees stadium.. That moment will never be forgotten

Ortiz Jr.: When you guys won the Pinstripe Bowl, whose idea was it to high five everyone while running through the snow?
Jones: I don’t think it was anyone’s idea to run and high five everyone.. It was just the moment.. The fans stuck around to watch the ending ceremony and there were hills of snow do we climbed them

Ortiz Jr.: How did you like it?
Jones: I loved the pinstripe bowl… We went on trips everyday.. We had a little money to send.. It was the time of our lives

Ortiz Jr.: Take me through a whole day at the NFL combine.
Jones: At the NFL combine I’d wake up for a drug test at 5am. Eat breakfast. Sit through NFLPA meetings for about 3 hours. Go back to the suite to search and then meet with teams all the way until 11:30pm.

Ortiz Jr.: What was it like having your Pro day at Syracuse?
Jones: Having a pro day at Syracuse was pretty…Less nerve wrecking and I felt at home and more comfortable.

Ortiz Jr.: What do you think you can bring to an NFL team?
Jones: I think that I can bring pure heart and dedication…Someone that has the potential to dominate a season.

Ortiz Jr.: Would you rather be teammates with your brother or play against him?
Jones: It does mater if me and art were on the same team or not.. I’m just glad that we both have the opportunity to play pro.

Ortiz Jr.: Has your brother given you any advice throughout this process?
Jones: My brother told me everything to expect going through drills and meetings which gave me the edge over other prospects.

Ortiz Jr.: Have you improved on anything since leaving Syracuse, if so what?
Jones: Since leaving Syracuse I’ve became a better player, man and teammate…Coach Marrone did a great job of developing me into a complete player.

Ortiz Jr.: Do you stay in contact with any of your old teammates and coaches?
Jones: I talk to almost all of my teammates via twitter and all my coaches via texting 24/7
Ortiz Jr.: What was the best advice that you’ve received and from who?
Jones: The best advice I received was from myself and my heart on making my decision to make a transition to the NFL.

Ortiz Jr.: Where do you think you’ll be selected at?
Jones: I don’t know where I will picked…I just want to play football again.

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