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U.S. Soccer abroad

The Washington Post has been doing some reporting on American soccer superstars playing abroad since the recent uptick in support for the sport in the U.S. American “secretary of defense,” Tim Howard, had a rough night last night – suffering from poor defense and an own goal during Everton’s 6-3. Howard has been getting perhaps the most media attention since the conclusion of the 2014 World Cup, becoming an American hero with his impressive saves during the U.S. Men’s National team’s unexpected tourney run.

Howard isn’t the only player being tracked outside of Cup season – the Post has included a full roundup of teams playing abroad, listing their minutes and achievements (if any) for each respective game.  Updates are also given for those playing without a club, listing deal updates and training schedules.

These updates are not something that would have been seen in past years. Soccer has gained a tremendous amount of popularity since this summer’s Cup tournament and it doesn’t appear to be dying out anytime soon – and i’m not complaining.