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Here We Go: NBA 2014-2015 Regular Season

The greatest day in October isn’t Halloween. It’s something that already happened. Yesterday, October 28th, marked the beginning of the regular season of the NBA. Defending NBA champs, the San Antonio Spurs, defeated the Dallas Mavericks with a close 101-100 victory at home.

It was an exciting game and it’s always great to see another season kick off with the ring ceremony as is tradition. But what I’m really interested to see this season is how things will play out for the Miami Heat with the loss of LeBron James, and of course for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the return of their hometown star. LeBron is a bit of a polarizing figure- people tend to either think highly of him, or not. At this point in his career I think he has proven that he is one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.

The Cavs’ season officially kicks off with a home game against the New York Knicks tomorrow night. Kevin Love was taken out of practice yesterday, will he be back in the game? The report says he was removed as a precaution, so I imagine he’ll return by tomorrow. The even bigger question is, how will this new Cleveland lineup perform? They’re off to a good start with a strong pre-season, but the regular season games will only bring more pressure to this team as they figure out how to balance each other.

As for Miami, their season kicks off tonight at 7:30 EST in a match against the Washington Wizards. Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh will pick up the pieces of what is left of the ‘Big Three’ without LeBron. Stay tuned.

Steve Blake’s Wikipedia Page Altered By Web Users Following His Game Two Miss

Steve Blake’s missed shot against the Thunder on Wednesday night went further than just a missed shot as it not only became a top trend on twitter but also urged web users to alter Blake’s Wikipedia page.

Following the late fourth quarter collapse Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder which ended after Los Angeles Lakers guard, Steve Blake failed to hit a wide open three pointer in the remaining seconds of game two of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Blake not only began to trend on twitter, but his Wikipedia page began to get a new look as well.

From having his bio switched from just his name and some other history, Blake’s Wikipedia page had some new things added in. Like a new nickname; Steven Hanson “Steamy Stevey” Blake. Also, “He’s a massive choker, but he chokes as a favor to his buddy Kobe, so he won’t get the blame for his massive late game chucking choke fests. So Blake is a choker to make Kobe look like a non choker even though he is the biggest choker of all.”

Picture of Blake’s altered Wikipedia page.

Another thing that was added was a whole section, titled: “Round 2 Game 2 vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder” which read, “Blake missed a wide open 3 pointer to result in the downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smh. He was wide open tho…. Reports that said Kobe made him walk all the way home to LA from OKC haven’t been confirmed.”

Second picture of Blake’s altered Wikipedia page.

As for Wikipedia they are doing a good job of cleaning up the additions added by users as Wikipedia is known for that feature which they allow all web users to edit and add additional information to their pages.

As for Blake he has yet to comment on his updated Wikipedia page and most likely won’t.

The Lakers will try get their first win of the series again on Friday night when they’ll face the Thunder at home at Staples Center. Tip off time will be at 10:30 Eastern Time.

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Kobe Bryant Auctions Off His Mask For Charity

How much would you pay for the Kobe Bryant mask?

During the NBA All-Star game Los Angeles Lakers guard, Kobe Bryant suffered a broken nose as well a concussion due to a hard foul by Miami Heat guard, Dwyane Wade. Wade would say after the game that it was un-intentional and that Bryant knew that he had no intent to hurt him.

“I don’t know if anybody wants me to get down on my knees in front of the world and [apologize],” Wade said. “Like I said, I sent my apologies to Kobe, and I move on from it.”

“He knows it’s no ill intent on me to do that,” Wade said. “Did I take a foul? Yes, I took a foul. So, talk about me for taking a foul. But I never wanted that kind of outcome.”

As a result to the All-Star game injury, Bryant would have to wear a mask on his face as protection for his nasal injury. Though, despite wearing the mask it wouldn’t seem to really affect his performance. In his first game after the injury Bryant would score 31 points in a 104-85 victory over Minnesota, giving Bryant a new nickname; the “Masked Mamba.”

Bryant would tell reporters that he wasn’t too fawned of wearing the mask as he felt like there was a “sauna on his face.” He would also tell reporters that when he was done wearing the mask that he would plan to auction it off in the attempt to raise money for his charity.

Though, just a little over two months later, Bryant would keep his word as the mask that he wore for 11 games, would be auctioned off.

$67,100 was the final winning bid for the mask on Tuesday’s auction for the mask. The opening bid began at $250 which with Bryant’s signature added to it raised the $250 opening bid by 129 bids and $66,850 selling the mask at the final price of, $67,100.

As for where the $67,100 will go, it will go to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation where the objective of the charity is to put an end to the homeless problems occurring in Los Angeles.

There are nearly 50,000 homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles, and an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 of those homeless are younger than 24, according to the website for My Friend’s Place, a youth homeless shelter that Bryant supports.

As for whom the winner of Bryant’s mask was that answer is unknown. Though, the price isn’t; $67,100 sold to man or woman whom we may never know.

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See Why The 2012 NBA M.V.P. Will Be The Wrong Choice

The NBA’s M.V.P. this season won’t be the right choice.

The NBA’s M.V.P. award is one of the most cherished awards in all of basketball and each season, it always raises the question; who’s that year’s best player. However, the true question is, is that the right question that needs to be answered?

Answered year after year by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters from the United States and Canada, the NBA M.V.P. selection process is always a tough decision. Selected after a series of voting, awarded by points as such; first-place votes getting 10 points, second-place votes, seven points, third-place votes, five points, fourth-place votes, three points, and fifth-place votes, one point.

Once the points are then tallied up and accounted for, the answer to the question; who is the NBA’s M.V.P. of that season is then answered. Though, despite going through a points system selected by a wide-ranged and different-opinionated group of sportswriters and broadcasters are these writers and analysts making the right selections? Are they answering the right question of “who is that year’s NBA M.V.P.?”

M.V.P. or as it stands unabbreviated, Most Valuable Player means as it reads, Most VALUABLE Player. Though, despite being as clear as it’s written, this award, the NBA’s M.V.P. year after year always ends up being misinterpreted.

Winner after winner, at-least in past years always ends up being what seems to be that year’s “best” player instead of that year’s most “valuable” player.

For instance, in the current M.V.P. standings according to, from numbers one to number five goes, LeBron James (Miami Heat), Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder), Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers), Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers), and Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs).

Now if the award, was selected as for what it truly stands for, Most VALUABE Player, then why is James, Durant, and Bryant ahead of other players such as Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves), Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic), Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls) and others who show true value.

Now, don’t get me wrong, James, Durant, and Bryant are all very valuable players as all three are certainly among the top five players in the NBA. However, they don’t fit the M.V.P. award as the award is given to the Most VALUABLE Player, not the most OUTSTANDING or BEST player.

So how do we determine who’s valuable and who’s not? You look at that candidate’s team and ask, if you take this player away (The candidate you are selecting for M.V.P.) would this team still be able to produce wins? Would this team still be able to make it to the playoffs, if they are in the playoffs or contending for them? Or would this team even be able to win games, without this player? Those three questions, based off of the definition of the M.V.P. award should determine the winner of the award each season.

Why shouldn’t Kevin Love be the leagues most valuable player?

So based off of that theory of the M.V.P. award, the player who should be this years 2012 NBA M.V.P. is Minnesota Timberwolves Forward, Kevin Love. Love averaged a double-double for the third consecutive year in a row now for the Timberwolves as he averaged, 26.0 points per game and 13.3 rebounds per game.

Love, who missed eleven games this season due to different reasons, including the last seven games of the season which was due to concussion related problems, saw his Timberwolves struggle to win without him as during those eleven games; the Timberwolves went 2-9. As for the two games that they won, were against the Sacramento Kings (22-44), which they won by two (86-84) and the other victory which they won by 11 points (91-80) was against the Detroit Pistons (25-41).

Love did everything and anything in his power, game in and game out just to give the Timberwolves a win. However, even 51 points wasn’t good enough to fulfill that goal. As on Friday, March 23rd in a game the Timberwolves lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder, 149-140, in double overtime. Love who had 51 points, 14 rebounds, 7 three pointers, and a career high performance in points just wasn’t enough to get his Timberwolves a win.

So, the point that I’m trying to make here is, the Timberwolves finished 12th in the Western Conference with a record of 26-40. 24 of those wins came with Love; two of them came without him. Take Love away from the Timberwolves this past season and you have yourself the Western Conference version of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Love currently ranks sixth in the NBA’s current M.V.P. standings and most likely won’t win the 2012 M.V.P. award.

Despite, showing that he’s truly the leagues most VALUABE player it just won’t happen as the selected panel of voters just aren’t getting the true meaning of the award and that’s the player who serves the most value, not who serves as the best player. As for the panel they’re picking the best player in the league and there’s a difference between the most valuable and the best player, as proven with Love this season.

This won’t be the first time that the NBA will make the wrong selection for the M.V.P. award, which is why they should make a new award, called the M.O.P., the Most Outstanding Player. Which in that case, Bryant, James and Durant would be ahead of Love as for what order? Well that’s another story.

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Did The Los Angeles Lakers Trade Forward Lamar Odom To The Dallas Mavericks As A Way Of Payback To Attempt To Ruin The Mavericks Season?

Did General Manager, Mitch Kupchak and Lamar Odom plan this?

Last year when the Dallas Mavericks swept the Los Angeles Lakers, 4-0 in the Western Conference Semi-Finals, as they defeated the Lakers at home 122-86, the Lakers didn’t go away quietly.

Two “cheap” shot fouls by Lakers Forward, Lamar Odom who went after Mavericks’ star Forward, Dirk Nowitzki and the other by Lakers Center, Andrew Bynum who delivered an elbow to Mavericks Guard, J.J. Barea.

Many called it “Unnecessary,” “Outrageous,” “Shocking,” and even “Bush League,” as ESPN analyst, Mike Tirico called it, “And that is one of the biggest bush league things I’ve ever seen! That is terrible!”

The Mavericks would go onto defeat the Oklahoma City Thunder and then the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, crowning themselves as the 2010-11 NBA Champions.

However, their meeting with Odom, one of the two Lakers’ players involved in the “Bush League” acts would become a lot closer; like every day closer.

After being involved in a trade that was going to send New Orleans Hornets Guard, Chris Paul to the Lakers and Odom to the Hornets, as well as many other players swapping teams, the trade however, would get vetoed. Due to the trade veto by NBA commissioner, David Stern, Odom would be sent back to Los Angeles where he then said he felt “disrespected.”

His reasoning for feeling “disrespected” by the Lakers organization was due to being traded. As a result to the trade that was eventually vetoed, Odom said that he couldn’t return to Los Angeles to play and as a result wanted to be traded.

So, the Lakers honored his wish and on December 11th they traded him to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for a first round draft pick and an $8.9 million trade exception.

When the trade became public, many were shocked that the Lakers, as well as the Mavericks made this deal. Bringing in a player (Odom) who shouldered your superstar (Nowitzki) intentionally? That seems to be a bit bizarre to add a player like that to your team. However, the Mavericks did it and they sure did pay the price.

Odom who played in all 82 games for the Lakers the season before and who averaged 14.4 ppg, 8.6 rpg, and 3.0 apg. as well as the NBA’s sixth man of the year, transitioned to Dallas as a player who didn’t deserve to even have a roster spot. And the worst part about the move too, was that you could just tell that Odom didn’t want to be there.

He drew the final straw, sources said during Saturday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies where after only playing four minutes in the first half, owner; Mark Cuban went into the locker room at FedExFourm Arena where he confronted Odom asking him pretty much, are you in or are you out? Sources said that Odom then responded very angrily and as a result it showed as in the second half Odom remained on the bench as the Mavericks would go onto lose 89-94.

So, as a result to his poor play (6.6 ppg, 4.1 rpg, and 1.7 apg.) and lack of interest, Odom as of Monday was placed on the inactive list by the Mavericks ending his 2011-12 NBA season.

“We’re in our playoff time right here,” Donnie Nelson said. “We need to win games. We got to be able to look down that bench and count on folks to be consistent. Unfortunately with him in his state right now, he’s just not capable of doing that.”

Now seeing this whole thing unravel from the end of that game four game, in Dallas back in May of last year, all the way up until now, was this Odom trade to Dallas a set-up? Was it a way of “pay-back” by the Lakers?

Staples Center is only right down the road from Hollywood.

So is it really possible that General Manager, Mitch Kupchak and Lamar Odom, truly discussed this on that Friday, December 9th, two days before the trade that sent Odom to Dallas?

Did they honestly talk about ruining the Mavericks season, a team at the time who brought in new players and looked almost un-stoppable as they for sure looked like they were going to repeat?

No one knows as what went on in that meeting on that Friday, December day. As it remains private and most likely will remain private for the rest of their lives. However, is it a possibility that they discussed that? Yes.

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Things Are All Good In Orlando

Who will leave first? Or will both Howard and Van Gundy remain in Orlando together?

After last weeks, he said, he said fiasco when Orlando Magic head coach, Stan Van Gundy said that Center, Dwight Howard asked the Magic front office for him (Van Gundy) to be fired.

However, senior vice President, Pat Williams said Monday that he would like to see both Howard and Van Gundy to surpass this problem and remain with the Orlando Magic franchise for a very longtime.

As for how they could cure the problem? Williams said that they could simply do it by winning.

“Finish well and then have a wonderful run in the playoffs — that would probably cure most of the issues,” Williams told The Associated Press before a scheduled speaking appearance at Michigan State University. “I don’t know that you can find a better NBA coach than Stan Van Gundy out there.”

The Magic would capitalize on a 88-82 win on Saturday night in Philadelphia as they would defeat the Detroit Pistons at home Monday winning, 119-89 without Dwight Howard.

As for the reason why Howard didn’t play against the Pistons Monday night was not due to the off the court incident with Van Gundy and himself as it was due to back spasms, a problem that has caused Howard to miss time before.

As for the Magic, they’re currently in third in the South East division and are seven games back from the first place Miami Heat who are 40-15 on the season. As for how the Magic stand in the Eastern Conference as a whole, they’re sixth and nine games back out of first, which is owned by the Chicago Bulls, who are 43-14.

Williams added that Van Gundy admitted that he can be too negative sometimes. Though, he doesn’t put all the blame on Van Gundy as he said that while Howard has “grown up a lot” that there’s still room for him to mature.

“I think this shook them both up — that’s my opinion,” Williams said of the incident last week. “I think they’re going to be better for it.”

The Magic travel to Washington on Tuesday, where they will face the depleted 13-44, Washington Wizards.

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NBA Considering A New Way To Create Revenue

You see advertisements on jerseys in other sports but in the NBA?

You’ve seen them before on television, in commercials, on billboards, signs, street corners, and just about any place that life may take you, and that’s advertisements. They truly are everywhere, but what about in sports?

Well they’re in sports too as you see advertisements featured on scoreboards, on the field or the court, on the seats that the fans sit in, and even on t-shirts. But what if they took the placing of advertisements to a whole other level? A level such as, on the player’s jerseys?

As crazy as it seems, sporting leagues, such as the European leagues for basketball, the MLS, and the WNBA have already begun this advertisement transition and it doesn’t end with them as the NBA, who has been looking for more revenue has begun considering this option.

“I’ve been trying to tell [the NBA],” Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “If someone wants to give us $10 million, I’ll make it happen.”

Now even if Cuban were to get the money that he wanted from advertisers to place advertisements on jerseys, he wouldn’t be able to do so. Not until, he received the approval from NBA commissioner, David Stern.

“If the amount’s enough, David will jump up and down,” Cuban told the Star-Telegram. “He’s not going to do it for $200,000 from Power Balance, but if somebody offers us $25 million, it’s done.”

Now if the NBA were to go through with the new advertisement scheme, according to a study performed by Horizon Media, estimates that companies would generate more than $31 billion worth from putting their company’s logo on an NBA jersey.

Now to most, this may seem like a terrible, greedy, unnecessary type deal. But, if the NBA were to do this, they could change the game of basketball in a very positive way.

Just imagine seeing Nabisco advertise their famous Oreo cookie or McDonalds advertising their famous golden arches on an NBA jersey? It would be great and quite frankly, not only would it create positive revenue for both the NBA and the companies advertising but, in my opinion I think it would grab more viewers.

I mean you’re telling me, that if tomorrow night the NBA allowed this to go through and for the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat game on TNT tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, they allowed both teams to have an advertisement on their jersey, that you wouldn’t tune in? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t want to see Dirk Nowitzki or LeBron James wearing a Burger King or a Coca Cola logo above their number?

Now, I’m not saying do it every night as like the old saying goes, too much of something isn’t good enough. But if the NBA allowed this every so often, it could really change the game in a positive way.

“I think we all understand the NBA, by now, is one of the biggest businesses in the world,” Nowitzki told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “And if that’s a business decision, I don’t think it’s a bad one.”

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Gilbert Arenas Signs With The Memphis Grizzlies

Gilbert Arenas is headed to Memphis.

After being out of the NBA for the first time since being drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 2001, guard, Gilbert Arenas who has been searching for an NBA team this entire 2011-12 NBA season has found one, the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Memphis Grizzlies General Manager and Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Wallace announced Tuesday (today) that Gilbert Arenas was officially the newest member of the Memphis Grizzlies.

Arenas played with three teams before joining the Grizzlies, the Golden State Warriors (2001-2003), the Washington Wizards (2003-2010), and the Orlando Magic (2010-2011) before waived on December 9, 2011.

Arenas who was voted most improved player in 2003, has been to three all-star games, including a career average of 21.2 points per game, 5.4 assists a game, 4.0 rebounds a game, and 1.6 steals a game.

The Memphis Grizzlies are coming off of a 97-92 win over the Washington Wizards and are currently second in the southwest with a record of 25-18, behind the first place, San Antonio Spurs who have a record of 29-14.

Overall in the Western Conference the Memphis Grizzlies are in fifth behind the Oklahoma City Thunder (34-11), the San Antonio Spurs (29-14), the Los Angeles Lakers (28-17), and the Los Angeles Clippers (26-18).

There has been no official word yet on what position Arenas will play, rather it will be point guard or shooting guard. However, it is clear that Arenas will most likely; barring any injuries from starters Mike Conley and Tony Allen will most likely come off the bench.

Arenas or any other player of the Grizzlies team has yet to publicly comment on the Arenas’ signing.

As for the Grizzlies they will start their four game road trip in Sacramento tonight where they will take on the 16-29 Kings. As for when Arenas is expected to suit up, that has yet to have been announced and with the Grizzlies starting their four game road trip in Sacramento tonight and traveling to Portland on Thursday, then to Los Angeles to face the Lakers and Clippers over the weekend, it would seem almost likely that Arenas would certainly join the team by then in Los Angeles at the latest.

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How Far Would The NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats Go If They Were In The NCAA Tournament?

The Charlotte Bobcats the joke of the NBA 2011-12 season, but would they crush the hopes of the cinderellas' and win a National Championship?

There are always a lot of jokes that are made when you’re the last in anything, especially when you’re the last place team in the NBA like the Charlotte Bobcats are. At 4-31 and not only last in the South Central division but dead last in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats are “joke” of the NBA.

Ranked dead last in points per game as a team with 86.7 points a game; the Bobcats have only topped 100 points just twice this season. It doesn’t stop there as not only can the Bobcats not put points up on the scoreboard but, they can’t keep their opponents from putting points up on the scoreboard either, as they are ranked third in the NBA for most points allowed. Trailing the Sacramento Kings (102.3) and the Washington Wizards (101.3) the Bobcats have allowed their opponents on average 101.2 points per game.

Which with the calendar now turning to March and the NCAA Tournament becoming closer brings us to the question, how far would the Charlotte Bobcats go? Would they win the NCAA Championship? Would they be a number one seed? If not a number one seed what seed would they be?

Now as we all know these questions would never be answered as an NBA team would never be allowed to play in the NCAA Tournament, though it would be very cool as the bottom teams of the NBA really have nothing to play for. Though theoretically speaking, let’s just take the time to pretend.

Okay so let’s start with what seed the Bobcats would be and so basing it off of ESPN’s project bracket provided by Joe Lunardi the number one seeds that he projected to be as of now are the Kentucky Wildcats (30-1), Syracuse Orange (30-1), North Carolina (27-4), and the Kansas Jayhawks (26-5).

So let’s start off with what seed would the Bobcats be? And the answer to that is for sure a number one seed, however are they the best number one seed of the four or what? Where do they rank? And the answer to that is they would be the third best number one seed in the NCAA Tournament behind Kentucky and Syracuse.

Now despite having the National Champion and Big East Champion player from last year in guard Kemba Walker the talent level of the Charlotte Bobcats just doesn’t match up with the talent level of Kentucky and Syracuse and especially it doesn’t match up at the big men level either.

With both Kentucky and Syracuse combined according to they projected that seven players from the two teams (5 from Kentucky and 2 From Syracuse) will be taken in the first round or higher.

Of those players projected to be taken they are from Kentucky, Power Forward, Anthony Davis (Projected 1), Small Forward, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Projected 9), Shooting Guard, Doron Lamb (Projected 17), Small Forward, Terrence Jones (Projected 18), and lastly Point Guard, Marquis Teague.

As for Syracuse the players projected are Center, Fab Melo (Projected 19), and Small Forward, Kris Joseph (Projected 23).

Could the Syracuse Orange knock off an NBA team?

Now don’t get me wrong the Bobcats do have some talented players on their team in guard Gerald Henderson (14.6 points per game), Corey Maggette (14.4 points per game), and as mentioned before Kemba Walker (12.9 points per game). But they don’t have a talented big man as their best big guy is Boris Diaw who at 6’8, 235 lbs. isn’t really even a true a “big guy” as he’s been a mix of small forward for some teams in the past as well. Though due to the teams’ lack of talent at that position Diaw despite being a little undersized is the teams’ leading rebounder with 5.6 rebounds a game.

So matching Diaw up against someone like Kentucky’s Davis (6’10, 220 lbs.), Jones (6’9, 252 lbs.), or even Gilchrist (6’7, 232 lbs.) Diaw would struggle against. As for Syracuse Melo (7’0, 255 lbs.), Fair (6’8, 212 lbs.), or Southerland, (6’8, 215 lbs.) would be a struggle as well though Syracuse plays the 2-3 zone so Diaw wouldn’t really see one-on-one match-ups against the Orange.

Continuing with that despite putting the Bobcats ahead of North Carolina and Kansas the Bobcats would have trouble with both teams’ big guys as well. As for North Carolina, Tyler Zeller (7’0, 255 lbs.) and John Henson (6’11, 220 lbs.) would create a long day for the weak rebounding Charlotte Bobcats. And as for Kansas Thomas Robinson (6’10, 237 lbs.) and Jeff Withey (7’0, 235 lbs.) would do the same as they would really test the Charlotte big men.

Now while draft projections, draft results, height, and weight don’t determine games as there have been several draft “busts” in the past and several “big looking guys” in the past however, these two teams, Kentucky and Syracuse are very talented, at all of the positions, even the bench.

Now I’m not saying that Kentucky and Syracuse would blow them out as it wouldn’t be a blowout instead, it would be a very good game. However these two teams, Kentucky and Syracuse have shown this NCAA season that despite the young experience that the two teams have (not as much with Syracuse) can blend together well and win close games and win it in the “crunch time.”

So with that being said, the answer as to how far the Bobcats would go is definitely the elite eight, most likely, 90 percent, the final four, and depending on how they played, possibly the National Championship, and depending on how they played in that game, possibly they would be the National Champions.

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NBA Player Called For Technical Foul For Tying His Shoe

Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash called for technical foul.

With 5:31 left in the first quarter of the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs game Wednesday night at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas Spurs guard Gary Neal was called for a technical foul for tying his shoe. Yes that’s right, tying his shoe was the reason for the technical foul.

Now anyone who’s played basketball before or even any sport know that things like this, for instance tying your shoe during a game can happen no matter what the situation is.

For example at the time Toronto Raptors point guard Jarrett Jack sat at half court holding the ball in one hand while tying his shoe as the remaining seconds in the third quarter came to an end. As for the Chicago Bulls defense, the team that Jack was playing against coincidentally just stood there and respected it as they didn’t go for the steal or anything as seen in the video here below.

However, back to tonight’s game. After being called for the technical foul for tying his shoe, Bulls guard Richard Hamilton would shoot the technical free throw and as a result he would miss. And after he missed, ESPN broadcaster and former coach Jeff Van Gundy said “The basketball gods must have made him miss that one” hinting the old phrase “ball doesn’t lie.”

Though regardless if Hamilton missed the free throw because of the basketball gods, the ball not lying, or just simply because he missed it, the fact of the matter is that he should never have had the opportunity to shoot that technical free throw. Reason being is that tying your shoe shouldn’t be a technical foul and it’s not really implied under any of the technical foul infractions.

According to the NBA’s rule book which is posted on the league’s website,, Section II- Delay of Game, which was the section of the technical foul that was called doesn’t have anything about shoe tying or anything near it listed under there infractions as they are listed below:

(1) Preventing the ball from being promptly put into play.
(2) Interfering with the ball after a successful field goal.
(3) Failing to immediately pass the ball to the nearest official when a per-sonal foul or violation is assessed.
(4) Touching the ball before the throw-in has been released.
(5) A defender crossing the boundary line prior to the ball being released on a throw-in.
(6) A team preventing play from commencing at any time.
(7) Any player, coach or trainer interfering with a ball which has crossed the boundary line (Rule 8–Section II–f).

Though giving the officials the benefit of the doubt lets just say that tying your shoe during a game falls under one of these infractions. Saying that, the technical foul still shouldn’t had been called as the first penalty for breaking one of these infractions is, a warning.

“The first offense is a warning. A technical foul shall be assessed with each successive offense and charged to the team. An announcement will be made by the public address announcer. The 24-second clock shall remain the same or reset to 14, whichever is greater, if the violation is assessed against the defensive team. The offensive team shall be awarded a new 8 seconds to advance the ball if it is in the backcourt. If repeated acts become a travesty, the head coach shall be noti-fied that he is being held responsible,” reads the penalty section from

So all in all of course we can’t go back and change the call as it’s already been made and the game is over, however what we can do is address the problem now and make sure that in the future it won’t happen again.

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