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Vote For Cam Newton: See His Campaign

Does Cam Newton have your vote?

You see advertisements all the time from people asking for your vote. Most of the time these people asking are government officials, senators, politicians, something along those lines. However, for Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton he’s asking for yours.

Posted on Youtube by SportsNationESPN, Newton in a seven minute long video pleads his case to be on the cover of this years edition of EA Sports, NFL Madden 13 video game.

With just about one day left to vote as the winner will be announced at 5 P.M. Eastern time on ESPN’s television show, Sports Nation aired on ESPN 2, Newton, is looking for all the votes he can get.

Matched up against the number sixth seed, Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson who lead all wide receivers last year with 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns is hard player to go up against. Though, despite facing a very notable player, Newton, is the number one seed.

Newton, NFL rookie of the year winner through for 4,051 yards last season, an NFL record for a rookie quarterback also rushed for 14 touchdowns, that too an NFL record for most rushing touchdowns by any NFL quarterback ever.

To get to the Madden Cover vote finals, Cam Newton etched out San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Patrick Willis by six percent winning, 53 percent to 47 percent of all voters. As for Johnson he dominated Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers winning by 34 percent, 67 percent to 33 percent of all voters.

So, in the second year of the Madden cover voting, does Newton have the upper hand as the number one seed? He did make a seven minute long video? Or does the number six seed, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson have the upper hand?

No one knows and no one will know, until tomorrow at 5 P.M. Eastern time.

Newton’s video is up to over 140,000 views and is still climbing and just incase you haven’t viewed Newton’s ad for the 2013 EA Sports NFL Madden video game’s cover boy, then here it is below:

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World Series Ready to Rock

With astonishing perseverance and resilience throughout the end of the MLB regular season and respective AL/NL divisional and championship playoff series, the Texas Rangers and the San Fransisco Giants find themselves ready to rumble in a best-of-7 game series in pursuit of a World Champion title.

Texas Rangers vs SF Giants World Series

Rangers Get Set to Battle the Giants in Game 1 of the World Series - Photo Source: ESPN

The Texas Rangers absolutely romped the New York Yankees in a punishing American League Championship series to earn an undisputed trip to the World Series.  With relentless hitting, an unbelievable number of home runs and a runs scored statistic throughout the 6 games played, the Texas Rangers left no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were better than the rest and deserving of a chance at “the ring”.  A huge offensive performance from Josh Hamilton helped the Rangers outscore the Yankees by dozens of runs.  Near perfect pitching from Cliff Lee along with consistent A-quality performances from the rest of the pitching staff minimized any Yankee offensive counter attack.  The beat down left a lot of people questioning the youth and agility of the Yankee ball club ultimately debating whether or not the team is simply getting too old to compete in a 162 game season, since the last month of Yankee baseball was abysmal at best.  Still, NY owners, managers and fans remain faithful that their team just needs a few tweaks (especially with the pitching staff which was smoked in the post-season) in order to display the Yankee type of baseball that long time fans have gotten accustomed to. Ultimately, the general consensus is that Texas came out and played phenomenal and earned the win, rather than the Yankees having played poorly and giving away the ALCS.

The Giants are sporting the underdog status in this series.  Unlikely World Series contenders, the Giants ball club finds themselves in a unique situation having been away from such a spotlight for a very long time.  Led into the series by their excellent pitching, they should be able to give the Rangers a better run for their money than the Yankees did who’s bullpen ought to have stated home during the AlCS.  They’ll be looking to maximize the damage they can inflict on the Rangers in the first couple games of the series played in front of their home audience where they’ll have the best odds of doing so.

Coverage for Game 1 starts tonight at 7pm.  Go… Ran…Gia… ?  Eh, you decide.

EA Sports Canceling NCAA Basketball Series

EA Sports director of communications, David Tinson, confirmed today that NCAA Basketball is being canceled. The series was recently left off of EA’s fiscal 2011 calendar, fueling speculation that the title wouldn’t be reappearing next fall.

In a statement to Game Informer, Tinson said, “We do not have an NCAA Basketball game in development at this time, and we’re currently reviewing the future of our NCAA Basketball business. This was a difficult decision, but we remain a committed partner to the NCAA and its member institutions.”

EA Sports NCAA Basketball was the only college basketball game on the market after 2K Sports ended their college basketball series in 2008, but being the only game on the market could not keep NCAA Basketball from the tepid sales that most likely doomed the franchise. In addition to poor sales, the game was consistently a mediocre offering and in the current economic crisis, EA can no longer afford to maintain a franchise that isn’t able to gain critical or commercial success.

Tinson also told Game Informer that the NCAA Basketball team would not be laid off but would instead be redirected to other EA Sports development teams including NBA Live and NBA Jam.

EA Sports Cancelling NCAA Basketball Series Calver Feb 10, 2010

Athletes and Caffeine

Caffeine may be considered the most popular drug in the word because it is found in so many products that are commonly used in the daily lives of people of all ages. However, because of its stimulant properties, there has been an increase in recent years in the amount of products marketed to young people.

Energy drink products such as Rockstar and Monster can be seen on a regular basis on high school and college campuses. Because these drinks are directly marketed to young people and athletes, athletes need to understand how the caffeine in these drinks can affect their bodies and how much is safe to consume.

Athletes need to be educated to look at the amount of caffeine in products, understand the physiological effects of caffeine as well as the possible adverse effects of caffeine.

Amount of Caffeine in Products

There are websites available (Energy Fiend) that athletes can use to find the amount of caffeine in specific products. Because caffeine is a banned substance, knowing the amount consumed is critical for athletes.

When looking for the amount of caffeine in products, the athletes need to be diligent in also looking for the amount of ounces consumed.

A typical eight ounce instant cup of coffee will have 55-60 mg of caffeine.

But all coffees are not created equal. An eight ounce cup of brewed coffee will contain 100-110 mg of caffeine. The smallest cup of regular coffee purchased at Starbucks is a 12 ounce “Tall” and can contain up to 260 mg of caffeine. A 16 ounce cup of regular Starbucks coffee can contain up to 330 mg of caffeine.

How Caffeine Effects the Body

According to Houglum, J., Harrelson, G., and Leaver-Dunn, D., (Principles of Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers, 2005) there may be three ways in which caffeine can affect the performance of an athlete.

The first is that caffeine may provide improved endurance by increasing stored fat availability (for use as energy) and conserving glucose stores. If this is correct, athletes may be able to last longer in their activity before they get fatigued.

Second, the authors report that caffeine may increase the strength of a muscle contraction through the stimulation of specific ions within the muscle.

Last, and probably the reason most people use caffeine products, is that caffeine has a direct effect on the central nervous system as a stimulant. Caffeine can increase alertness, increase motor unit recruitment, and alter the perception of fatigue.

Adverse Effects of Caffeine

A number of adverse effects have been documented with the intake of caffeine including:

  • anxiety
  • jitters
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • diuresis
  • gastrointestinal distress

For an athlete, one of the major concerns is the diuretic effect of caffeine because it has the potential to cause dehydration, which could lead to heat illness. Higher doses could also cause cardiac arrhythmias and hallucinations.

Caffeine as a Banned Substance

Caffeine is on the list of banned substances for the NCAA. The fact that athletes need to be aware of is that caffeine is banned if the concentration in the urine exceeds 15 micrograms per milliliter.

According to Houglum, J., Harrelson, G., and Leaver-Dunn, D., (Principles of Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers, 2005), ingesting 9 mg/kg can result in a positive urine test.

This means that the amount of caffeine ingestion that would be safe is related to the amount of body mass of the individual. An athlete weighing 50 kg (110 pounds) could test positive with as little as 450mg of caffeine or two 12 ounce Starbucks coffees (520 mg of caffeine). An athlete weighing 85 kg (187 pounds) could test positive with 765mg of caffeine or two 16 ounce Starbucks coffees (660 mg of caffeine) and one 16 ounce Rockstar (160mg).

Athletes who drink energy drinks need to also be aware that most energy drinks contain two servings per can which doubles the amount of caffeine on the label.

Caution with Caffeine

It is well documented that habitual use of caffeine can place an individual at risk for a number of disorders including anxiety, sleep disorders, dependence, and withdrawal (severe headaches when caffeine is not consumed because the body develops a dependence on the stimulant).

Because of the number of physiological effects of caffeine, intake of caffeine should be in moderation and carefully controlled to maximize health and reduce potential side effects.
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