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Vote For Cam Newton: See His Campaign

Does Cam Newton have your vote?

You see advertisements all the time from people asking for your vote. Most of the time these people asking are government officials, senators, politicians, something along those lines. However, for Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton he’s asking for yours.

Posted on Youtube by SportsNationESPN, Newton in a seven minute long video pleads his case to be on the cover of this years edition of EA Sports, NFL Madden 13 video game.

With just about one day left to vote as the winner will be announced at 5 P.M. Eastern time on ESPN’s television show, Sports Nation aired on ESPN 2, Newton, is looking for all the votes he can get.

Matched up against the number sixth seed, Detroit Lions wide receiver, Calvin Johnson who lead all wide receivers last year with 1,681 yards and 16 touchdowns is hard player to go up against. Though, despite facing a very notable player, Newton, is the number one seed.

Newton, NFL rookie of the year winner through for 4,051 yards last season, an NFL record for a rookie quarterback also rushed for 14 touchdowns, that too an NFL record for most rushing touchdowns by any NFL quarterback ever.

To get to the Madden Cover vote finals, Cam Newton etched out San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Patrick Willis by six percent winning, 53 percent to 47 percent of all voters. As for Johnson he dominated Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers winning by 34 percent, 67 percent to 33 percent of all voters.

So, in the second year of the Madden cover voting, does Newton have the upper hand as the number one seed? He did make a seven minute long video? Or does the number six seed, Calvin “Megatron” Johnson have the upper hand?

No one knows and no one will know, until tomorrow at 5 P.M. Eastern time.

Newton’s video is up to over 140,000 views and is still climbing and just incase you haven’t viewed Newton’s ad for the 2013 EA Sports NFL Madden video game’s cover boy, then here it is below:

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Cam Newton Vs. Andrew Luck: Are You Serious?

Like the jersey number says, he's number one.

The joke of the season for bad teams has been the “winner” (the worst team in the NFL) gets quarterback Andrew Luck at the end of the season. At first, the joke generated some laughs but overtime like mostly any joke; it was just a little too much.

And like all jokes, when one comes to an end another forms…well at least I think this is another joke; Andrew Luck versus Cam Newton, who’s better? It’s an obvious answer; Cam Newton. Newton not only performed great at the College level by not only winning a Heisman Trophy but a National Championship as well. As for Luck he hasn’t won either of the two.

Then the next reason why Newton is clearly better is, look at how he’s been performing; 422 yards in his first game, 432 yards in his second game, I mean come on that’s ridiculous! The last time a quarterback did that was…well…uh, NEVER. The way that Newton has been performing this year with the Carolina Panthers, a team that went 2-14 last year is unbelievable. So unbelievable that no one expected it as critiques said that he was a bad pick, the next JaMarcus Russell, that he wouldn’t make it in the NFL, and so on and so on.

Well the critiques were certainly wrong that time and they’re again this time, because Andrew Luck a quarterback for Stanford who Cam Newton beat out in the Heisman race last year and who didn’t win a National Title and who hasn’t played a snap in the NFL yet, to be compared to one of the greatest rookie performances of all time, is just ridiculous! R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S. RIDCULOUS. I mean even people living under a rock know that Cam Newton known as Lights, Cam, Action, is way better than Andrew Luck. Heck, Luck’s name shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as Cam Newton.

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