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Breaking News: Peyton Manning Out For At Least Week One…Maybe Longer

A question that millions want an answer for.

Peyton Manning has been a top the sports world lately with breaking news varying from him likely to missing the whole entire season, to missing a few games, to missing none at all. The truth is; no one knows, there all just rumors. However what we do know is that doctors have told Manning not to practice which would mean that he wouldn’t play this Sunday ruling him out for week one…at least.

The thing that sparked this whole Manning trend came late last night when a report broke from John Michael Vincent of ESPN 1070 Indianapolis that Manning was going to have undergo neck surgery again and that he was going to miss the entire 2011-12 NFL season.

After news broke about Manning expected to miss the entire NFL season, articles, tweets, facebook posts, you name it began flooding the internet.

The good news is the Indianapolis Colts responded today saying that they have no intentions in another neck surgery for Manning meaning that he wouldn’t miss the whole entire season.

Though don’t expect this to just be a one or two week injury, because it’s not. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t have signed veteran Kerry Collins to a two year, $14 million deal. Expect it to be about a four to five week injury in the least, but again who knows.

“I hate it for Peyton,” said Pro Bowl center Jeff Saturday to ESPN, one of Manning’s closest friends. “You want him to be healthy, you want him to be back, but you want him to take care of it, too. It’s sad when players face tough times, but I know he’s strong enough to get through it.”

Now we do know that he’s strong enough to get through it, we definitely know that however how long will it take for him to get through it is the question and the other question that comes with it, is how will the Colts get through it.

The Colts first five games of the season are against the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

This Sunday’s game against the Houston Texans would’ve been Manning’s 209th consecutive start in his NFL career but due to not being able to fully recover in time the streak of 208 will come to an end and a new streak will begin; games missed.