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How Far Would The NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats Go If They Were In The NCAA Tournament?

The Charlotte Bobcats the joke of the NBA 2011-12 season, but would they crush the hopes of the cinderellas' and win a National Championship?

There are always a lot of jokes that are made when you’re the last in anything, especially when you’re the last place team in the NBA like the Charlotte Bobcats are. At 4-31 and not only last in the South Central division but dead last in the NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats are “joke” of the NBA.

Ranked dead last in points per game as a team with 86.7 points a game; the Bobcats have only topped 100 points just twice this season. It doesn’t stop there as not only can the Bobcats not put points up on the scoreboard but, they can’t keep their opponents from putting points up on the scoreboard either, as they are ranked third in the NBA for most points allowed. Trailing the Sacramento Kings (102.3) and the Washington Wizards (101.3) the Bobcats have allowed their opponents on average 101.2 points per game.

Which with the calendar now turning to March and the NCAA Tournament becoming closer brings us to the question, how far would the Charlotte Bobcats go? Would they win the NCAA Championship? Would they be a number one seed? If not a number one seed what seed would they be?

Now as we all know these questions would never be answered as an NBA team would never be allowed to play in the NCAA Tournament, though it would be very cool as the bottom teams of the NBA really have nothing to play for. Though theoretically speaking, let’s just take the time to pretend.

Okay so let’s start with what seed the Bobcats would be and so basing it off of ESPN’s project bracket provided by Joe Lunardi the number one seeds that he projected to be as of now are the Kentucky Wildcats (30-1), Syracuse Orange (30-1), North Carolina (27-4), and the Kansas Jayhawks (26-5).

So let’s start off with what seed would the Bobcats be? And the answer to that is for sure a number one seed, however are they the best number one seed of the four or what? Where do they rank? And the answer to that is they would be the third best number one seed in the NCAA Tournament behind Kentucky and Syracuse.

Now despite having the National Champion and Big East Champion player from last year in guard Kemba Walker the talent level of the Charlotte Bobcats just doesn’t match up with the talent level of Kentucky and Syracuse and especially it doesn’t match up at the big men level either.

With both Kentucky and Syracuse combined according to they projected that seven players from the two teams (5 from Kentucky and 2 From Syracuse) will be taken in the first round or higher.

Of those players projected to be taken they are from Kentucky, Power Forward, Anthony Davis (Projected 1), Small Forward, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Projected 9), Shooting Guard, Doron Lamb (Projected 17), Small Forward, Terrence Jones (Projected 18), and lastly Point Guard, Marquis Teague.

As for Syracuse the players projected are Center, Fab Melo (Projected 19), and Small Forward, Kris Joseph (Projected 23).

Could the Syracuse Orange knock off an NBA team?

Now don’t get me wrong the Bobcats do have some talented players on their team in guard Gerald Henderson (14.6 points per game), Corey Maggette (14.4 points per game), and as mentioned before Kemba Walker (12.9 points per game). But they don’t have a talented big man as their best big guy is Boris Diaw who at 6’8, 235 lbs. isn’t really even a true a “big guy” as he’s been a mix of small forward for some teams in the past as well. Though due to the teams’ lack of talent at that position Diaw despite being a little undersized is the teams’ leading rebounder with 5.6 rebounds a game.

So matching Diaw up against someone like Kentucky’s Davis (6’10, 220 lbs.), Jones (6’9, 252 lbs.), or even Gilchrist (6’7, 232 lbs.) Diaw would struggle against. As for Syracuse Melo (7’0, 255 lbs.), Fair (6’8, 212 lbs.), or Southerland, (6’8, 215 lbs.) would be a struggle as well though Syracuse plays the 2-3 zone so Diaw wouldn’t really see one-on-one match-ups against the Orange.

Continuing with that despite putting the Bobcats ahead of North Carolina and Kansas the Bobcats would have trouble with both teams’ big guys as well. As for North Carolina, Tyler Zeller (7’0, 255 lbs.) and John Henson (6’11, 220 lbs.) would create a long day for the weak rebounding Charlotte Bobcats. And as for Kansas Thomas Robinson (6’10, 237 lbs.) and Jeff Withey (7’0, 235 lbs.) would do the same as they would really test the Charlotte big men.

Now while draft projections, draft results, height, and weight don’t determine games as there have been several draft “busts” in the past and several “big looking guys” in the past however, these two teams, Kentucky and Syracuse are very talented, at all of the positions, even the bench.

Now I’m not saying that Kentucky and Syracuse would blow them out as it wouldn’t be a blowout instead, it would be a very good game. However these two teams, Kentucky and Syracuse have shown this NCAA season that despite the young experience that the two teams have (not as much with Syracuse) can blend together well and win close games and win it in the “crunch time.”

So with that being said, the answer as to how far the Bobcats would go is definitely the elite eight, most likely, 90 percent, the final four, and depending on how they played, possibly the National Championship, and depending on how they played in that game, possibly they would be the National Champions.

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