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Chicago Car Dealership Plans To Give Out Free Cars If The Bears Shut Out The Packers

Picture of the dealership that plans to give out free cars in the luck of Packer shut out.

Attending sports games usually always have an extra benefit or some benefits of attending that given game. For example, free tacos at a Syracuse University game if Syracuse scores a certain amount of points. As for other teams it may be different or they may not have it all, however for Chicago Bears fans, or people in the Chicago area get a better benefit that involves them not even having to show up for the game.

Sawicki Motors in Rochelle near Interstates 88 and 39 in Chicago is offering free cars to anyone if the Chicago Bears shut out the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. However there’s a catch; the buyer needs to buy the car first before the game and if the Bears shut them out then the buyer will be rewarded with a free car as the dealership will reimburse them.

The dealership says that they’ll give up to $1 million in free cars if the Bears host a shut out.

And just incase your wondering the last time the Bears shut the Packers out was in 2006 and another fun fact; the Packers have never been shut out when they’ve had Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback.

So with those two things being said, the odds look very slim as chances are the buyer who buys the car is most likely going to pay for it, unless something crazy happens, like the Packers benching their starters. Which is just it, the Packers may bench Aaron Rodgers as there has been some rumors stirring around the media over the past couple days.

Now if that would be the case, back up quarterback Matt Flynn would get his first start since December 12th last year. The Packers lost that game 27-31 and Flynn completed 24 of his 37 passes for 251 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

So if Matt Flynn did magically get the start in the act of the Packers benching Rodgers, then this shut out deal for a free car would have to be considered. However the only bad news for Bears car buyers is that Matt Flynn has never been shut out either.

So Bears fans, Chicago community members, and to whom ever it may concern, pick a car any car, maybe you’ll get it for free in the luck of a Bears shut out, or else you’ll be paying the full price. But you never know it would be Christmas day so who knows what could happen, maybe there really is a Santa Claus?

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