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NBA Considering A New Way To Create Revenue

You see advertisements on jerseys in other sports but in the NBA?

You’ve seen them before on television, in commercials, on billboards, signs, street corners, and just about any place that life may take you, and that’s advertisements. They truly are everywhere, but what about in sports?

Well they’re in sports too as you see advertisements featured on scoreboards, on the field or the court, on the seats that the fans sit in, and even on t-shirts. But what if they took the placing of advertisements to a whole other level? A level such as, on the player’s jerseys?

As crazy as it seems, sporting leagues, such as the European leagues for basketball, the MLS, and the WNBA have already begun this advertisement transition and it doesn’t end with them as the NBA, who has been looking for more revenue has begun considering this option.

“I’ve been trying to tell [the NBA],” Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “If someone wants to give us $10 million, I’ll make it happen.”

Now even if Cuban were to get the money that he wanted from advertisers to place advertisements on jerseys, he wouldn’t be able to do so. Not until, he received the approval from NBA commissioner, David Stern.

“If the amount’s enough, David will jump up and down,” Cuban told the Star-Telegram. “He’s not going to do it for $200,000 from Power Balance, but if somebody offers us $25 million, it’s done.”

Now if the NBA were to go through with the new advertisement scheme, according to a study performed by Horizon Media, estimates that companies would generate more than $31 billion worth from putting their company’s logo on an NBA jersey.

Now to most, this may seem like a terrible, greedy, unnecessary type deal. But, if the NBA were to do this, they could change the game of basketball in a very positive way.

Just imagine seeing Nabisco advertise their famous Oreo cookie or McDonalds advertising their famous golden arches on an NBA jersey? It would be great and quite frankly, not only would it create positive revenue for both the NBA and the companies advertising but, in my opinion I think it would grab more viewers.

I mean you’re telling me, that if tomorrow night the NBA allowed this to go through and for the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat game on TNT tomorrow night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, they allowed both teams to have an advertisement on their jersey, that you wouldn’t tune in? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t want to see Dirk Nowitzki or LeBron James wearing a Burger King or a Coca Cola logo above their number?

Now, I’m not saying do it every night as like the old saying goes, too much of something isn’t good enough. But if the NBA allowed this every so often, it could really change the game in a positive way.

“I think we all understand the NBA, by now, is one of the biggest businesses in the world,” Nowitzki told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “And if that’s a business decision, I don’t think it’s a bad one.”

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