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Oklahoma State Stunned: BCS National Championship Hopes Gone

The Iowa State Cyclones will celebrate this win for a while.

When Alabama lost to LSU 9-6 in overtime on November 5th, the Oklahoma State Cowboys’ National Championship hopes came alive. Due to the Alabama loss, the Crimson Tide would drop to the number third team in the country and since the Cowboys beat the Kansas State Wildcats 52-45, they would move to number two in the country.

It was a spot many people would’ve never have thought that the Cowboys could make it too and if they were to win out, they could shock the world even more as come January they would be playing in the BCS National Championship game.

In their first game as the number two team in the country the Cowboys would travel to Lubbock, Texas where they would face the unranked Texas Tech Red Raiders. The Cowboys would score early on a two yard Justin Blackmon touchdown pass from Brandon Weeden and they wouldn’t look back. The Cowboys would go onto score 59 more points and defeat the Red Raiders 66 to 6.

“There is pressure. Each week I know you can feel it” said Gundy. “But it’s our responsibility to manage it.”

The Cowboys would improve to 10-0 on the win and for the first time in Oklahoma State history, the Cowboys were 10-0.

The Cowboys had two games left on their schedule and if they won both, that meant that they were going to the BCS National Championship game. Those two opponents; unranked Iowa State and number five ranked, Oklahoma. Unranked Iowa State appeared to be a very manageable win for the Cowboys as they didn’t really matchup well. But Oklahoma would appear to be a lot harder and a true test for the Cowboys as many thought that that game would determine their season and their BCS Championship hopes.

Though no game is ever a for sure win as that’s why you play the game so on Friday night, the Cowboys would face the Iowa State Cyclones. The Cowboys would jump out to an early 10-0 lead before the Cyclones would respond with a touchdown of their own. But the comeback wouldn’t last long as the Cowboys score two straight touchdowns extending their lead to 17 (24-7). However the Cyclones wouldn’t lie down as they would score 17 straight points and because of a Cowboys missed field goal the game would go into overtime.

Then in overtime both teams would score sending the game to a double overtime. In double overtime the Cowboys would get the ball first but not for long as their first pass was intercepted; Iowa State ball. After getting the ball off of an interception, the Cyclones would score off of a 4 yard touchdown run and would go onto win 37-31.

Due to the loss to Iowa State the Cowboys BCS National title hopes would be crushed as Alabama beat Georgia South 45-21. It was unbelievable turn of events as the Iowa State Cyclones fought back from a 17 point deficit to win in double overtime.

“I hate it for the guys. But it’s real simple. If you lose the turnover battle in such a big fashion, it’s extremely hard to win a game, especially on the road,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said.

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Media Members Should Leave Former Head Coach Joe Paterno Alone

Just leave him alone.

As you all know by now Joe Paterno who has been coaching at Penn State since 1950 has been fired. Paterno was fired due to the arrest of defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who was arrested for molestation charges that occurred on Penn State University grounds.

Paterno was planning on retiring at the end of the season due to the allegations surrounding the University; however the board felt that the right time was now as he was removed of his coaching duties or as the board said “relived of his coaching duties.”

Paterno was very disappointed about the board’s decision but he respected it. Though he wasn’t the only one disappointed, as riots broke out around campus where law enforcement officials were forced to use pepper spray and tear gas in efforts to attempt to calm the riots.

Though, it didn’t stop there as players, former players, and close friends paid visits to Paterno’s home to show their support.

As anyone would be if they were in Paterno’s shoes, he has been very quiet about the whole incident surrounding Penn State as he has remained in his Pennsylvania home. But if you think about it, what does he really have to talk about? The firing? We know he’s disappointed. The case? He most likely can’t say anything, due to legal reasons? The school? He loves it; it’s his life.

Maybe something else could be asked, but it’s not really necessary; at least it’s not necessary enough to the point where media members are outside staking out his house. Legally, he didn’t do anything wrong, Sandusky did, could he have done more? Maybe, but you don’t need to stake out his house.

The accusation was made; the man accused (Sandusky) was arrested; the University responded; Paterno was fired; and the school, students, coaching staff, and Paterno have all moved on, so the media should too. Pack up of your stuff, put your notebooks away, pens in your pocket, get in your cars, and leave. Just give the man and his family time to heal and take in these past few days, he’ll talk when he wants to talk; in the meantime just respect him as a citizen and give him peace.

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