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Sitting Down With University of Buffalo’s, Javon McCrea

Sitting down with big man, Javon McCrea.

Mike Ortiz Jr.: When did you begin playing basketball?
Javon McCrea: I started playing basketball when I was 6 years old. Me and my uncle use to go out and play on the Fisher Price Hoops every day.

Ortiz Jr.: What was your best moment during high school?
McCrea: My best moment in High School had to be making it to the state championship finals. It was something me and my friends/teammates talked about doing our whole basketball careers.

Ortiz Jr.: How does it feel to be your High School’s most leading scorer of all time? Also when did you break that record?
McCrea: I broke the record my senior year. I believe mid way through. It felt good to accomplish something so big. My name will never be forgotten in Newark Basketball. It feels good to say that.

Ortiz Jr.: Take me through the game where you set the section V record for most blocks in a game?
McCrea: The previous two years we lost in the sectionals round. So I was determined to change that. I knew they would double team me a lot so my teammates would have to help me out. I wanted to focus on the defensive end of the floor rather than the offensive end. So I result I ended up with 18 blocks I believe.

Ortiz Jr.: Out of all your awards, honors, and accomplishments, which one stands out the most to you?
McCrea: The regional championship trophy my teammates and I received. We all just worked hard to get that.

Ortiz Jr.: Why did you choose the University of Buffalo to play basketball at?
McCrea: I enjoy my coach. And I knew they would push me. I also wanted to start a legacy. I was aware that Buffalo hasn’t done a few things other schools have.

Ortiz Jr.: What other schools were looking at you?
McCrea: Umass, Canisuis, Niagara and, Boston University.

Ortiz Jr.: Take me through your freshman year of College, how did it feel to not only be named Freshman Conference player of the year?
McCrea: It was a great honor to be named that. The conferences freshmen were really good last year. I just stayed determined.

Ortiz Jr.: Now you have yet to make it to an NCAA Tournament yet so I want to ask you when do you think that will be?
McCrea: Next Year we will be in the NCAA tournament.

Ortiz Jr.: Also many have said over the past couple of years and especially now that the lower conferences, like the Mid American Conference, should get more NCAA bids, do you agree?
McCrea: I definitely agree. The Mid American Conference is very under-rated. There are some really good schools in this conference.

Ortiz Jr.: So far, who’s been your toughest match-up as far a player that you’ve had to matchup with?
McCrea: I don’t really have a particular player I have struggled with. It’s been difficult this year to really name someone due to the double and triple teams they throw at me.

Ortiz Jr.: Do you plan on remaining at Buffalo for the rest of your college career? Or do you plan on transferring?
McCrea: I don’t Plan on transferring away from UB. We at least have to win a championship first.

Ortiz Jr.: What’s your main goal to get out of College?
McCrea: I definitely plan on getting my degree. Graduating is big in my family. I want to make my mother proud.

Ortiz Jr.: What are your plans after College, are they the NBA? If so what do you need to do to improve to be able to play in the NBA, or do you feel that you could right now?
McCrea: I see myself playing in the NBA. Anything under the NBA will be a disappointment for me. I need to improve ever aspect in my game before I think about it. There’s always room for improvement.

Ortiz Jr.: How did it feel to play on the Under 19 USA team? Do you think playing overseas helped you improve as a player?
McCrea: The USA basketball helped me out a lot. But it also help me realize that you can play against anyone. Just because the Media says the players are better than you doesn’t mean they actually are. If you believe the media then you are hurting yourself.

Ortiz Jr.: Now despite being a sophomore you’ve already made a great name for yourself at such a young age, but do you read the draft profiles and the rankings and the articles that are said about you? If so what’s the one that sticks out?
McCrea: I haven’t seen any of the draft articles yet but that stuff does attract my family members. They really enjoy to see things like that.

Ortiz Jr.: Also have any of those articles, negative or positive, motivated you?
McCrea: I’m not the person to get motivated off articles. My motivation is playing in the NBA. It motivates me everyday. Basketball has been great to me so far but im just getting started.

Ortiz Jr.: Last question, what’s the best advice that someone has told you?
McCrea: My mom told me never to quit. If you quit then you don’t have a chance. Nothing is impossible. And I have always remembered that.

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Does Fab Melo’s Decision To Go Pro Play A Role In Nerlens Noel’s Decision?

If Noel stays true to his word, then Fab Melo deciding to go to the NBA makes Noel's decision, Syracuse.

With less than a couple hours left until Kentucky and Kansas take the floor for the 2011-12 NCAA Championship game both, Kentucky fans and coaches will have another thing on their mind; Nerlens Noel. Where will he go?

Last week, Noel released a statement saying that he has cut his list down to three teams: Kentucky, Georgetown, and Syracuse.

Now the statement really hurt Syracuse fans as Noel, around December, said that if Center Fab Melo declared for the NBA draft, that he would sign with Syracuse. However, his statement of his three teams came to Orange fans as a shock as it was pretty much clear that Melo was headed to the NBA with all the off the court issues that he was dealing with. However, Melo didn’t technically declare yet, so for Orange fans to get question or get angry with Noel about cutting his list, were wrong.

Now late last night, Orange fans would get some bitter-sweet news as Center Fab Melo according to several sources, signed with an NBA agent, Arn Tellem.

“Fab Melo has signed with Arn Tellem, according to multiple sources, which means he obviously isn’t returning to Syracuse, as expected,” said Jonathan Givony of Draft Express.

This news now meant that Noel would choose Syracuse as his school to sign with (saying that what he said back in December was still true).

Well even if it wasn’t still true, Nerlens Noel still cared about Melo’s decision enough to post it on twitter, as he asked, “Did Fab Melo declare for the NBA Draft?”

Then a couple hours later, Noel’s best friend, Syracuse guard, Michael Carter-Williams, who has been said to be another reason why Noel would choose Syracuse, mentioned Noel in a tweet saying, “@NerlensNoel3 all I know is Cuse fans have shown you the most love by far!!!!!”

Now Noel has yet to decide where plans to go next fall or he has yet to update the status of his decision. However, if what he said back in December, about Fab Melo declaring was really true. Then expect Nerlens Noel to be suiting up in a Syracuse Orange jersey next season.

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Jacob Pullen Tweets About Bruce Weber’s Hiring: See What He Thinks

Jacob Pullen doesn't approve of the the Bruce Weber hiring.

Its official Bruce Weber is now the new head coach of the Kansas State Wildcats.

Weber, who coached at Illinois for nine seasons, brought the fighting Illini

to six NCAA tournaments, one NIT, and one Big Ten Championship. However, after going 17-15 this past season Weber, despite having an overall record of 210-101 since taking over for the Illini, was fired.

As for the details of the contract they have yet to have been released.

Kansas State has scheduled a press conference where they will comment about the hiring of Weber at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.

However, the commenting has already begun as former player, guard, Jacob Pullen who graduated in 2011 from Kansas State had a lot to say about the hiring of Weber.

“I support kstate for life no matter what but I’m not a Bruce Webber fan and I think Kstate can do a lot better,” said Pullen on his twitter account. “Bruce Webber didn’t think I was good enough to play at Illinois and I don’t think he is good enough to coach at Kansas State.”

Pullen would go onto conclude.

“This is just my thoughts like I said I will support my school regardless and losing a staff as good as we had is tough to replace,” said Pullen.

Then after the replies and responses started to come out, Pullen said this.

“Now people in my mentions smh I’m not being disrespectful I’m not in college and I can say what’s on my mind that’s just how I feel,” said Pullen. “Lmao now people say I’m jealous he passed on me lol no I’m happy I went to kstate and wouldn’t change that for the world. And please don’t speak on his national championship run that he made with bill self players and the best backcourt in the big ten three pros.”

The team that Pullen was referring to was the Illinois team from 2004-05 as for the three professional players that he was referring to, were actually really five professional players that played on that team.

As for the players that went to the NBA were, Guard, Luther Head (Currently with the Sacramento Kings), guard, Dee Brown (2008-09, Washington Wizards), guard, Deron Williams (Currently with the New Jersey Nets, Roger Powell (2006-07, Utah Jazz), and forward, James Augustine (2006-08, Orlando Magic).

Pullen averaged 20.2 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 3.7 assists a game in his final season at Kansas State. As last known he currently plays professionally overseas.

After a couple more responses came in, Pullen posted on his twitter account, “Smh now I’m the bad guy again lol,” said Pullen.

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A New Concern For College Basketball

West Virginia College Basketball Coach Bobby Huggins, not that happy with a call.

In sports crazy things happen almost everyday however, wrong calls are beginning to happen just as much. Like any problem the leagues such as the NFL, NBA, NCAA, etc. have been taking care of it…well sort of.

On Saturday, Syracuse hosted the West Virginia Mountaineers in a game right down to the buzzer. However in those remaining seconds became a problem; not that the game was close, but that possibly a wrong call was made.

With 14 seconds remaining, guard Darryl Bryant missed a three pointer, however forward Deniz Kilicli would come up with the offensive rebound and with six seconds remaining Kilicli who then attempted the put back layup, would be blocked. Syracuse Orange center, Baye Moussa Keita would come up with the game saving block.

Though after watching the replay, Keita’s block appeared to be a goaltend. Then after watching it over a couple more times, it became clear that Keita’s block was a goaltend. However as a result to the NCAA not having a replay system in tack for College Basketball, the officials weren’t aware of it and as a result the Orange would go onto win 63-61.

As for West Virginia’s head coach Bobby Huggins on the block, “You saw it. What’d you think?” Huggins said to the media following the game. “I just saw it. I just went in and watched it. There’s not any doubt.”

Huggins would add if he thought that the block was a goaltend or not…

“No. I know it was,” he said. “I just saw the replay.”

As you all know the NFL is famous with their replay system as teams can challenge two calls and if both challenges are correct in the coaches favor, then they are rewarded another challenge. The replay system is also enforced after every touchdown and then used by the determination of the referee in the booth under two minutes.

As for the NBA, it’s up to the officials, as for the MLB, it’s there but in rarely used, as for the NHL, there’s none. So looking at all of these calls that are blatantly wrong after watching replay for instances, Louisiana Lafayette who defeated Western Kentucky 72-70 with six men on the court for the game winning possession, should there be replay in tacked?

The answer is yes. Now I understand that they don’t want to take time away from the game or ruin the nature of it, or whatever the excuse may be. But changing the outcome of the game by the mistake of an official should be their number one concern.

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Ask The Coach: Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boeheim All-Access

Sitting down with Jim Boeheim.

Mike Ortiz: What are your thoughts for this upcoming season?

Jim Boeheim: Well I think the biggest thing is that we have so many veteran guys and good young guys so we have to try to fit these guys together. You know get them to understand what their roles are going to be and the fact that we have so many good players we’re going to have to figure out how to utilize everybody.

Ortiz: What’s your take on the move to the ACC?

Boeheim: Well you know we’re in the Big East, that’s all we’re thinking about. The ACC can’t wait until after the season and then we can talk about it.

Ortiz: What do you think of the incoming freshman?

Boeheim: I think we have three talented young kids and we have to think about how they’ll fit in.

Ortiz: How do you replace center Rick Jackson?

Boeheim: You know Ricky was so good defensively and rebounding wise that are big guys are going to have to step up…they’re really going to have to step up and take care of the middle area defensively and rebounding wise. Especially, when they get their opportunities to score, their going to have to convert. Ricky was a huge player, huge plus for us last year, had a tremendous year, and are big guys are going to have to step up this year.

Ortiz: What do you think you’re going to have to do to win a National Championship?

Boeheim: Well I think to win anything…you have to be a complete team, are defensive has got to be good, we have to continue to work on our defensive, get better defensively, offensively I think we have the ability to be a very very good offensive basketball team and you have to work on those things. We know we’re going to be a good team, whether we’re going to be a great team, you never know that until you get well into the season.

Ortiz: Now you have achieved a lot of milestones throughout your career, so when you think of 1,000 wins, do you think it’s possible?

Boeheim: You know I haven’t thought about numbers in a long time. I think about this year and having a successful season this year and I don’t think beyond that and I don’t think past, I just think about this season.

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