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Things Are All Good In Orlando

Who will leave first? Or will both Howard and Van Gundy remain in Orlando together?

After last weeks, he said, he said fiasco when Orlando Magic head coach, Stan Van Gundy said that Center, Dwight Howard asked the Magic front office for him (Van Gundy) to be fired.

However, senior vice President, Pat Williams said Monday that he would like to see both Howard and Van Gundy to surpass this problem and remain with the Orlando Magic franchise for a very longtime.

As for how they could cure the problem? Williams said that they could simply do it by winning.

“Finish well and then have a wonderful run in the playoffs — that would probably cure most of the issues,” Williams told The Associated Press before a scheduled speaking appearance at Michigan State University. “I don’t know that you can find a better NBA coach than Stan Van Gundy out there.”

The Magic would capitalize on a 88-82 win on Saturday night in Philadelphia as they would defeat the Detroit Pistons at home Monday winning, 119-89 without Dwight Howard.

As for the reason why Howard didn’t play against the Pistons Monday night was not due to the off the court incident with Van Gundy and himself as it was due to back spasms, a problem that has caused Howard to miss time before.

As for the Magic, they’re currently in third in the South East division and are seven games back from the first place Miami Heat who are 40-15 on the season. As for how the Magic stand in the Eastern Conference as a whole, they’re sixth and nine games back out of first, which is owned by the Chicago Bulls, who are 43-14.

Williams added that Van Gundy admitted that he can be too negative sometimes. Though, he doesn’t put all the blame on Van Gundy as he said that while Howard has “grown up a lot” that there’s still room for him to mature.

“I think this shook them both up — that’s my opinion,” Williams said of the incident last week. “I think they’re going to be better for it.”

The Magic travel to Washington on Tuesday, where they will face the depleted 13-44, Washington Wizards.

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