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Steve Blake’s Wikipedia Page Altered By Web Users Following His Game Two Miss

Steve Blake’s missed shot against the Thunder on Wednesday night went further than just a missed shot as it not only became a top trend on twitter but also urged web users to alter Blake’s Wikipedia page.

Following the late fourth quarter collapse Wednesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder which ended after Los Angeles Lakers guard, Steve Blake failed to hit a wide open three pointer in the remaining seconds of game two of the Western Conference Semi-Finals. Blake not only began to trend on twitter, but his Wikipedia page began to get a new look as well.

From having his bio switched from just his name and some other history, Blake’s Wikipedia page had some new things added in. Like a new nickname; Steven Hanson “Steamy Stevey” Blake. Also, “He’s a massive choker, but he chokes as a favor to his buddy Kobe, so he won’t get the blame for his massive late game chucking choke fests. So Blake is a choker to make Kobe look like a non choker even though he is the biggest choker of all.”

Picture of Blake’s altered Wikipedia page.

Another thing that was added was a whole section, titled: “Round 2 Game 2 vs. The Oklahoma City Thunder” which read, “Blake missed a wide open 3 pointer to result in the downfall of the Los Angeles Lakers. Smh. He was wide open tho…. Reports that said Kobe made him walk all the way home to LA from OKC haven’t been confirmed.”

Second picture of Blake’s altered Wikipedia page.

As for Wikipedia they are doing a good job of cleaning up the additions added by users as Wikipedia is known for that feature which they allow all web users to edit and add additional information to their pages.

As for Blake he has yet to comment on his updated Wikipedia page and most likely won’t.

The Lakers will try get their first win of the series again on Friday night when they’ll face the Thunder at home at Staples Center. Tip off time will be at 10:30 Eastern Time.

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